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Dragon Ball ep 95 - Fight!! Goku vs Kuririn

It's Goku and Kuririn's turn to fight. For the first time since they met and did Kame Sen'nin's stone challenge, the two best friends will fight all-out. "Goku! If you hold back at all, I'll hate you for the rest of my life!" Kuririn tells Goku earnestly. Goku smiles, "Naturally!" 

Turtle, Puar, Bulma, and Oolong can hardly stand it... Goku vs Kuririn?! But... who will win???

"Ain't it obvious?" Lunch says, uncharacteristically serious. "I'll even bet on it. Goku beat the crap out of the Red Ribbon Army all by himself, ya know." The others have no argument. Kuririn, in the ring facing Goku, seems to be thinking along the same lines. 

But he trained too hard to give up without trying...!!!

Tenshinhan is not happy about how the last match ended. Why would Kame Sen'nin, a man who has devoted his life to the martial arts, simply give up? He wasn't scared of Ten, he was composed. So why did he willfully lose?! It's maddening for Ten to think about, and Tsuru Sen'nin's congratulations, and insistence that Kame Sen'nin was scared, doesn't help. So he leaves after Kame Sen'nin to get answers.

"Is there something you forgot to tell me?" Muten Roshi asks.

"Why?!" Tenshinhan bellows. "Why would Muten Roshi put on such a horrible disguise, fake his name, and enter this tournament? Did you lose on purpose because you had Jackie Chun's mask on?! The real Muten Roshi would've fought me til the end, not act like he had beaten me!" Roshi asks him to hold on! ...so the old man can sneeze. "Oh no, I'm dripping..." He cleans his nose and hands Tenshinhan the tissue. "Could you throw this away for me?"

"Stop playing around!"

So Roshi tells Tenshinhan the truth; he entered to prevent his students from winning, so he could keep their ambition alive. Tenshinhan smirks, saying that this is confirmation that he doesn't believe his students can beat him, which is why the old master gave up. Roshi chuckles at him, "Stop with the boasting. You certainly are narrow-minded." he smiles. 

"I doubt I'll ever need to enter anymore. I'm sure they'll grow into marvelous martial artists with passion and courage in their hearts!"  Kame Sen'nin smiles at Tenshinhan, and tells him it's time for him to make room for a new generation of young warriors, and that Tenshinhan is one of them. "You're no fool." Roshi continues. "That's why you have a tiny speck of uncertainty in your heart. Uncertainty about a life of bloodlust and death. Am I wrong?"  Tenshinhan shouts he is wrong, and that his only ambition is to succeed Tao Pai Pai, as the world's greatest assassin! But Kame Sen'nin doesn't believe him. "Otherwise, you wouldn't have come to hear me out." 

"You might be right about one thing. If I had continued to fight, I indeed might have lost." 

Kuririn grins. "You're really fast! When did you get behind me?!"
 "You impressed me by dodging that!" Goku smiles. 

Cue the insert song!

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