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Dragon Ball ep 96 - Say It Isn't So, Goku! Kuririn's Great Strategy

Their friends and the rest of the 22nd Tenka-ichi Budokai audience are captivated by the explosive match up between Son Goku and Kuririn...!!! The deciding match of the tournament... who will go onto the final round to face off against Tenshinhan, and avenge their fellow Kame Sen'nin pupil, Yamcha?!

The two friends exchange friendly banter about how strong the other has gotten, then Goku tells Kuririn he intends to fight all-out. He charges at Kuririn full tilt, and begins to shout the familiar chant...! "Kame... Hame...!!"

Launching himself into the air, Goku bellows...!
(Kuririn's "O" face)

Utilizing the Kamehameha as a springboard rather than an attack, Goku jets at Kuririn and pummels him to the ground with a powerful punch and knee to the stomach! Mr. Announcerman starts the count, but Kuririn is back up in six seconds! Now it's Kuririn's turn for a counter-attack!!!

Unfortunately for Kuririn, Goku is too strong and too quick for even someone with super-human strength! But Goku has to have some weakness... right?

"Ka... me... ha... me..."
"Wait, Kuririn! The Kamehameha won't work on me! You'll just waste your energy!"
 And true to his word, Goku blocks the Kamehameha easily!
But in doing so, opened himself up to Kuririn's great strategy!!

Like how Kuririn had seen Son Gohan utterly beat Goku three years earlier, he grabbed his tail, and drained Goku of all his energy! Mr. A counts down, and Kuririn apologizes but... a fight's a fight!

But as Son Gohan and Kame Sen'nin had advised Goku three years earlier, he toughened up his tail...!! (It was honestly a great try though, Kuririn.) Kame Sen'nin wonders if Goku has any weaknesses now...

Oh, right...

Kuririn unleashes in final assault on Goku, but it isn't enough...!

Suddenly, Goku utterly disappears from the ring! Or he seems to - Muten Roshi can still sense him, and Tenshinhan can only just barely make him out; dashing back and forth toward Kuririn at such amazing speeds, Tenshinhan's three eyes can hardly keep up!

 Then Goku appears!!
And sends Kuririn flying from the ring...!!!
Son Goku Wins!!!

Mr. A and the crowd are let down - such an amazing match, with the anticlimactic ending of Goku -scaring- Kuririn out of the ring! But Tenshinhan knows they're wrong... there was nothing disappointing about how Goku won! So quick it couldn't be seen, Goku hit Kuririn eight times with his hands, then kicked him so hard he sent him flying!!! And only Tenshinhan could see it.

Goku helps Kuririn back into the ring, and together, the two companions leave discussing the match. They had entered as friends, and left as brothers.

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