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Dragon Ball ep 98 - The Secret Haikyu-ken vs Battle Power

It's the final round of the 22nd Tenka-ichi Budokai, and Tenshinhan has Son Goku at his mercy. Tenshinhan promises to finish our hero off with an amazing technique...!!! The Haikyu-ken!

 (or Volley Ball Fist)

Tenshinhan punishes Goku by pummeling him around the ring like a volley ball, finally smashing him flat onto the ground! The match seems to be won before it had really even begun...!! 

or not...

"You're really super strong! You surprised me!" Goku smiles at Ten. Ten smiles back, "That's my line. You're one tough guy!" Goku explains how he's been fighting at "match level" this whole time, but since Tenshinhan intends to kill him, he figures he might as well treat this like the real thing, and use his "battle level". Tenshinhan says he's never heard such a pathetic bluff...

Goku kicks Tenshinhan far into the sky, then begins to prepare a Kamehameha... but stops short of firing it, to the astonishment of many. But Yamcha and Muten Roshi both understand -- Tenshinhan can easily deflected ki attacks, as he did against Yamcha in round 1... As Roshi explains to a flabbergasted Kuririn, Goku saw the match moves ahead; firing a Kamehameha would have only cost him energy!

The Ten who lands has a slightly adjusted attitude toward Goku...
"I'm happy that someone like you exists! This is the first time I've been so excited!" 

"You really are amazing! That makes me glad!"

The two lock into a furious melee, exchanging blow after heavy blow; but neither seem to tire. On the contrary, both combatants only get more energized with each punch!

Goku breaks into several Zanzoken -
Ten reminds him that trick won't work on him,
 But it does!!! The Goku he kicks isn't there!
 However, the Ten that Goku punches is a Zanzoken as well!!
Ten makes for the final blow, but lo and behold...!! 
A double Zanzoken!

Tired of playing around, Tenshinhan prepares to end the match in one attack! The fearsome Taiyoken!!!
But as Tenshinhan blinds the stadium and throws a fist at our hero, his attack is blocked...!!

As Tenshinhan let forth the Taiyoken, Goku swooped over to Muten Roshi and borrowed his sunglasses! Then it was easy to block Ten's attack and take him out in a single, unguarded blow!

In a fury at being humiliated, Tenshinhan nails Goku with a knee to the face, shattering Muten Roshi's glasses as he makes to give them back. Tenshinhan is pissed. And he launches back at Goku, not willing to give him another opening like that again...!

 ...and strangely, Goku can't defend himself...?!

What are Tsuru Sen'nin and Chaotzu up to?!

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