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I can (a fanfiction for "Wonder Boy!! A Son Goku Blog")

Goku's Kamehameha broke off and evaporated as Freeza burst through it. He could feel a rib shatter as Freeza smashed into him - his body encircled by ki. Goku was thrown far from the monster, Freeza. His new transformation... if that's what it indeed was... flickered as he plunged deep into Planet Namek's ocean. The waves crashed around him as he rocketed into the ocean floor... the ground rent apart by the force of Freeza's hit.

The white hair had turned black again. His vision blurred. He gasped for air but he only choked. He had to get out or he would die here.

Son Gohan faced his grandson, his lined face etched with seriousness.

"Take your bow, Goku." The old man reminded, as he bowed and took stance.

"Oh! Right!" Goku bowed, his monkey tail wriggling with excitement.

"Come at me." Said Gohan.

The young boy, perhaps no older than six or seven, charged at the old man - fists raised. He threw a punch at his grandfather, and it was met with an elbow block. Goku lunged his other fist at Gohan's face, but the old man blocked that with an open palm. Gohan gripped Goku's fist, and Goku cried out in pain.

"GRAMPS! It hurts!!!" Goku wailed, his eyes brimming with tears. Gohan squeezed harder. Tears streamed down Son Goku's young face; he thought he might faint from the pain of his grandfather's grip.

"Gramps...!! Let go!! It hurts!" Goku struggled wildly to break free, punching the old man's side with his other hand. He bellowed and cried, but his grandfather was deaf to it.

"It you want free, you'll need to overpower me, Goku." Son Gohan instructed calmly.

Goku screamed in agony, trying to wrench his hand from Gohan's fingers. "But I can't--!!"

"Can't?!" Gohan shouted. "You can't?! But you haven't even tried Goku!! Don't say such unnecessary things to your grandfather!"

Goku grit his teeth, eyes still pouring over with tears. But he took his grandfather's words to heart. He calmed himself.


Goku head-butt Gohan with such force that the old master's eyes brimmed with tears and his vision broke. His grip relaxed, and Goku pulled his hand free. Four quick punches to the stomach, and Son Gohan collapsed onto the ground in front of his grandson. He gasped for breath, dazed by Goku's assault.

Goku grinned, laughing. "I won! Didja see that, Gramps?! I beat ya!!"

"Ho ho, did you now?" Gohan sat up chuckling, rubbing his head. "You did really well that time, Goku, but I'm afraid I still beat you."

"Huh?" Goku looked puzzled. What had he forgotten?

Then all the color began to drain out of Goku's face and he collapsed forward. Gohan had grabbed Goku's tail, and gripped it tightly.

"Until you can defeat this weakness, I'll beat you every time, Goku." Gohan chuckled to himself, letting Goku's tail go. "But enough of that. I've worked up an appetite."

Mouth watering, Goku bounced back up. And arm in arm, the two went off to find something tasty to eat.

Years later, that little boy was now a teenager. Thirteen or fourteen, Son Goku was training for the Tenka-ichi Budokai. His Gramps was dead, and Goku still hadn't defeated his weakness.

'I gotta try...' Goku thought to himself, looking at his tail seriously.

Son Goku climbed a tall tree - the tallest tree for miles - and looked for the most sturdy branch. He had to be sure it wouldn't break. He had helped a craftsman against some bandits weeks earlier, and the man had kindly given him some unbreakable rope. Goku had tested it personally. So with the rope in hand, he tied his tail quickly and tightly to the tree branch... and his face drained of color.

Goku collapsed, hanging off the branch by his tail. He was dizzy. He might have fainted. The pain of it was unbearable. Worse than nearly being murdered by Tao Pai Pai, or any of his gramps' thorough beatings. He had no way of knowing how long he dangled comically from the tree, only that day had become night.

He closed his eyes tightly and concentrated. Not on the pain, but on his fingers. Slowly, he forgot the pain. And eventually, he recalled his fingers. They twitched, strength returning. He could have shouted out in happiness! He'd discovered his way out!

Goku might have hung on that tree for months or days, he couldn't tell. He began to do pull ups. They were slow and rocky at first, but he could touch his nose to the tree branch! His breath steady and his mind focused, Goku did more pull ups. He didn't count them - how many it took was irrelevant. Goku would do as many as it took.

Goku lay face down atop Karin Tower. Yajirobi was shouting something - he couldn't make it out. Karin-sama was utterly silent, but Goku could feel him there. Something rose up inside of him. It was a weapon, a weapon he could use against Piccolo Daimao. Had this power always been there? He thought so, but he couldn't be sure. Just how far were his limits? The very thought was exciting.

Kaio-sama and Bubbles were asleep. It was never night on Kaio's planet, so Goku never knew when to sleep. But he rarely thought about sleep. He focused on his exercises, building his strength. His body ached for a reprieve, but Goku wasn't going to give it one. He had fought Raditz, and he was completely outclassed. He couldn't afford to be outclassed this time.

His legs dangled from the tree as he completed another pull up. He wasn't counting.

Goku's head broke the surface of the ocean, and his hands grasped out at the nearby rock face. He gripped the alien vegetation, and with it he pulled himself up. The gasp of air was like the breath of life into his lungs. He gulped the air gratefully, and his vision returned. Ki. Lots of ki. The Namekians were returning to life. And Freeza. That monster that killed Kuririn was floating overhead, thinking he had won. The fury reignited in Goku and his body was set ablaze by golden ki once more.

He slowly rose back into the air, his full power returned to him from that momentary black out.

'Gramps...' Goku thought. 'I can.'

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