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Dragon Ball ep 113 - King Castle on the Offensive and Defensive!!

The world is gathered today at King Castle to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of their kindly ruler. During his reign, the King of the World (King Dogmenn as I often call him) has enacted many policies that have ensured global peace. At his castle, sometimes known as The Symbol of Peace, a ceremony is being held in his honor - and the honor of all his subjects.

Girls from every country have come bearing the flowers of their homeland.
Among them, our old friend Suno from Jingle Village!

Her friends and family, including Hachan, cheer her on from home.

 Elsewhere, in the Land of Karin,
Goku has reunited with Upa and Bora, on his way to meet with Karin-sama atop Karin Tower. Though Upa has little love for Yajirobe, the mountain boy agrees to help Goku make it to the top in exchange for the promised Sen'nin food, Senzu.
Yajirobe's imagined Sen'nin food.
Though Bora tosses our heroes several feet into the sky, Yajirobe is displeased that he can't even see the top of the tower yet! What kind of place is Goku taking him?!
 (The place where you will spend most of your life, Yajirobe, once the author runs out of things for you to do in the relevant story.)

As Tenshinhan mourns the loss of Chaotzu and Muten Roshi, the rest of the gang arrives, having tracked down the location where the Dragon Balls disappeared. Yamcha points out that he and Tenshinhan are the only martial artists left, and that they'll need to team up to defeat Piccolo Daimao. Ten (seeing how bad an idea this would be - might as well send Turtle to defeat Piccolo Daimao) shoots him down, saying that he will master the Mafuba and use it against Piccolo. Yamcha says he'll master it as well, and once again Ten (seeing how bad an idea this would be - might as well have Turtle master the Mafuba) shoots him down, saying he's never seen it in proper use, so he can never hope to master it.

Tenshinhan leaves, ready to meet his destiny.

 Back at King Castle, it's Suno's turn to present the King with flowers from Jingle Village.

When suddenly, the ground is rent apart by a horrible explosion..!!

"So this will be my castle... not bad."

Piccolo Daimao and Piano have come to King Castle. As they entered the city, they spotted the fireworks and celebrations from Pilaf's (former) flying base. Piano jokes that they might as well be early celebrations for Piccolo Daimao's reign. Both fly into the city using Bukujutsu, and approach the gate of King Castle with utmost confidence. Some guards do try to keep Piccolo from entering the castle, but he dispatches them with a quick couple karate chops and some eye lasers.

(Gates mean nothing to Piccolo)

"Noisy little ants."

The King's men fire on Piccolo Daimao, but with a flicker of his eyes, the cannon backfires causing a tremendous explosion - the explosion that nearly caught the King and Suno in it! "Where is this so-called King?" Piccolo demands. "He seems like the kind who would run away at the slightest scare."

The Captain of the King's men wishes to get His Majesty to safety immediately, but the King fears for his people! "You think I should run away? And abandon all the people who believe in me?!" But his Captain reminds him that should he be killed, it would leave those same people in the hands of this Devil. Another soldier offers to buy them some time.

"Oh! So the big one shows up!"
"It would seem you use some strange type of black arts. And to top it off, guns don't even work on you. So that's where I come in."
(Well, it was a nice try anyway...)

In the castle ruins, citizens wonder about their fate...
"Ain't nobody who can save us now..."
"There is! Just one person...! Son Goku..."
"Goku... please, come save us!"

 Can Karin help Goku save the world?!

Or will he be too late?!

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