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Dragon Ball ep 114 - Goku's Wish - Even Karin-sama is Worried!!

"...As of this moment, I will be taking your place as ruler of this kingdom." Piccolo Daimao sneers.
"And you will make this fact clear to the people of the world."

That has been the Demon Lord's plan from the beginning. The King of the World (King Dogmenn) was always to be forced to hand over his throne personally to Piccolo Daimao. "Impossible! You know I could never do that!" The King protests. Piccolo simply laughs. "I thought you might say so, so I've prepared a nice little show for you."

"I'll let you see it."

Witnessing the power for destruction the Piccolo Daimao wields, the King has little choice but to comply with his demands. Piccolo Daimao has won.

"I wonder if Goku-san will get better..." Upa wonders, staring up at Karin Tower.
"It might be best if he does not get better right away. If he becomes well again, he will likely set out for another battle. The enemy was able to do that to someone of Son Goku's strength. No matter how much Goku trains atop this tower, I doubt he will be so easily defeated."

Far, far above the wondering father and son,
Goku and Yajirobe have finally made it to the top of Karin Tower.

"Being able to climb up this tower with Goku on his back... This must be some fellow."

Goku tries to explain the situation about Piccolo Daimao to Karin, but the old hermit tells him he needn't bother. Through his magic pots, he has been watching a lot of what has been happening down below. Yajirobe is curious, so he checks them out himself...

"From now on you'll be working for me as my underling!" 
"I cannot betray the people's trust!" 
"The people's trust?" 
"It is my duty to preserve the peace for the citizens!" 
"And were you able to preserve it?"

Yajirobe is impressed. Karin-sama really is a Sen'nin.

 Karin makes to give Goku a Senzu Bean
 and Yajirobe is horrified the learn that these are the Senzu?!
The Sen'nin food he has been fantasizing about?!
 So he starts chowing down like they're a bag of M&Ms.
Unaware that a single Senzu will fill a full grown man's stomach for 10 days.

But it turns out they have another property.
One bean can heal any and all injuries!!
(Seems convenient now? Stay tuned for Dragon Ball Z.)

But this is the last of Karin's good news. It turns out he has nothing left to teach Goku, and that Son Goku has already surpassed his strength. There is no one who can defeat Piccolo Daimao. "He even killed Muten Roshi-sama." Karin informs Goku, regretfully. 

"So I'll never see him again?" Goku's voice is hollow.
"Old-timer...! This can't be...! That bastard!"

Goku doesn't care that he'll be killed this time. He's ready to face Piccolo Daimao once again...!! Karin shouts, "Do you want to walk straight into death?!" Goku bellows, "I'm doing all I can do! I can't let him get away with killing the old-timer!" Karin looks hesitant, but finally suggests there may be a way. The Super Sacred Water.

Elsewhere, Tenshinhan clears his mind, hoping to master the Mafuba...!

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