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Dragon Ball ep 115 - Get The Mysterious Super Sacred Water!

At King Castle, Piano is preparing for his master's after nap snack by abusing their new waiting staff. After commanding them to cook a fabulous feast, Piano takes a single sip of soup, then knocks it all to the ground. He then shouts that they make Piccolo Daimao 100 plates of the following, in one hour: Newt meuniere, fried intestines, weasel mousse, dinosaur tongue, and brain pudding.

(But the joke's on them because Namekians can't digest anything but water.)

Karin-sama offers a solution to Son Goku's need for more strength, so that he may face off against Piccolo Daimao. The Super Sacred Water, which unlike the ordinary water that is the Super Spirit Water, is actually endowed with the power of the gods (perhaps the Kaioshins?) and will increase the drinkers power by several times. Maybe. If they can find it.

Far in the northern reaches of the world is a labyrinthine maze. It is a cursed place, where a single step in may get you lost until you freeze to death. And the further in you go, the more lost you will become. Yajirobe decides he wants nothing to do with this insanity, so he leaves to find Karin's toilet. Without Kinto Un however, it could take Goku ages to reach the north!

Thankfully, Karin-sama has a portal to the maze among his magic pots.

But there is one other thing Goku need look out for in the ice labyrinth - The Darkness.

The Darkness (not the band this time) among the maze is said to confuse people as if it were a living thing. Goku promises to heed Karin's advice and be careful... then slips and falls into the pot. Karin shouts down from the pot that if he finds the Super Sacred Water, he should come back to the pot and Karin will help him back up into Karin Tower. With that, Goku starts his search.

And what he finds is Yajirobe.

After using Karin's toilet (to take a giant post-Senzu dump), Yajirobe had tried to find any snacks Karin might have been hiding (apparently, 30-odd Senzu Beans weren't enough for his grand stomach), and fell down into the pot that led to the ice labyrinth. Goku leads Yajirobe back to where Karin had just spoken to him from Karin Tower but... the location is gone!

 Less than a minute in, and our heroes are lost.

Frustrated, Yajirobe kicks a perfectly shaped cross formation.
...which turns out to be the frozen corpse of a long-dead adventurer!!

Yajirobe suggests they hightail it out of there, before they wind up like him, and Goku is inclined to agree. But as the boys start to jog away from the frozen corpses, the ice beneath them begins to shatter...

...and a Frost Giant emerges! 

"Prepare to die and be eaten!" Yajirobe shouts.
 But the monster regenerates!! (The first of many...)
Then it summons a storm that threatens to freeze our heroes!
 Goku attempts to fight it, but the monster is unscathed by hand-to-hand!
So Goku focuses his ki, and unleashes a powerful Kamehameha!!
 It doesn't work.

The boys run for their lives, the monster hot (or cold?) on their tails! Yajirobe's pockets begin to leak Senzu Beans (which he evidently lifted from Karin's stash...) and he drops to his knees to snatch them up - nearly being smashed to death by the frost giant! 

Luckily, Goku snatches Yajirobe out of the way... and uses him as a makeshift sled.

The two wind down a long, twisting path in the ice and snow, until they finally drop off into darkness...

Back at King Castle, Suno and another girl try to nurse an old woman back to health. The old woman thanks the girls, but insists she has nothing left to live for; her home was completely annihilated by Piccolo Daimao.

Nearby, Piccolo is killing those guardsmen who refuse to work for him, while Piano complains about their waiting staff. The Piccolo makes note to kill any cooks who cannot complete their assigned meals in time as a show of power to the others. Suno hears the exchange and is filled with disgust and anger.

 So she picks up the rifle of the fallen guard,
and aims to kill Piccolo Daimao...!
 Piccolo realizes he's being aimed at, turns around, and fires off eye lasers at the culprit!
It turns out to be another guard who had noticed what Suno was attempting, and made to protect her...

Meanwhile, deep under the ice labyrinth, Goku and Yajirobe have possibly found the cave that will lead to the Super Sacred Water!

But out of the darkness, something else awakens...

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