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Dragon Ball ep 116 - Kame Sen'nin's Alive?!

Deep under the ice labyrinth, in a massive dark cave, Goku and Yajirobe decide to go their separate ways. Yajirobe hopes to find the way out and back to Karin Tower, whereas Goku is bound and determined to drink the Super Sacred Water. A presence of some sort has been following Goku for some time, and he knows it. Quickly, our hero dashes behind a rock wall (once Yajirobe is safely on his own path), and prepares to strike out at what only could be The Darkness Karin warned him about.

Kame Sen'nin's alive?!
(Tiiiiitle drop)

It turns out to be Muten Roshi, alive and well, who has been following Goku! Goku is happy to see the old-timer, and asks if he's looking for the Super Sacred Water as well. Roshi simply tells him to follow, and that he has something to show him. Goku assumes he means the water, so he gladly comes along.

But he doesn't mean the Super Sacred Water.
 He takes Goku to Kame House, hidden snugly in the cave.
And inside await Yamcha, Oolong, Bulma, Lunch, Turtle, and Puar.

They're all so happy to see Goku again, and they celebrate with a massive feast. Goku is surprised that they took the house down here, and Bulma explains it's to keep away from Piccolo. He tells them that he needs to find the Super Sacred Water so that he can defeat Piccolo Daimao, but they laugh at him. Piccolo? Why not just stay down here? He can have eternal life down here. Eat as much as he wants, and get as strong as he wants. Forever.

"No, I'm going!"

"Do you want to look for the Super Sacred Water that badly? Then you will have to defeat me first!"

 "I will not let you have the Super Sacred Water! The Super Sacred Water was placed in this sacred cave by the gods! It is not meant for the likes of humans!"
 "I have to get stronger, no matter what!"

Far above the battle between Master and Student, Yajirobe tries to get a lizard so he can eat it. In the process, he slips and falls...

...onto Goku!

The force of Yajirobe's hit causes both boys to twirl off the side of the rock face. Goku grasps the edge with one hand, and grabs Yajirobe's leg with the other. One false move, and both are dead. Muten Roshi smirks and stomps on Goku's hand. Goku pleads with him, but the old master beats on Goku's face. Goku realizes that this is not his master, but the Darkness itself! The Darkness commands Goku to let go of Yajirobe, and in exchange he will take Goku to the Super Sacred Water. Goku refuses. The Darkness beats on him more. Goku won't break.

So the Darkness does.

 It reveals itself to Goku and Yajirobe.
And reveals to them the Super Sacred Water.

"The Super Sacred Water is a powerful poison. If you do not possess great strength, mind, and vitality, you will die an instant death."

Only fourteen have ever taken the water. None have survived.

Yajirobe takes a dip with his finger and nearly chokes to death. He pleads with Goku not to try it, that it must be a trap. If no one has ever survived, how does anyone knows it even works?!

 Goku drinks it in one gulp.
And immediately, our hero begins to endure unimaginable agony.

Elsewhere, a signal is being broadcast to every television in the world, via King Castle.
"Fair citizens, I have something to tell you. Please gather in front of your television sets. I have given up the throne. This world now belongs to Piccolo Daimao. With this guy as king the world is doomed! Somebody get rid of him!"
(He sounds like Bush when he gave the office over to Obama.)
"I told you not to say anything out of line!" 
Piccolo says, grasping at the former King and throwing him.

"People of the world! Take a good look! I am your new king, Piccolo Daimao-sama!"
"Now that everyone has seen the ruined King Castle, I believe you all know just how strong I am. I suppose I should discuss my plans as the world's new king now. First I'll tell you what words I despise the most. Those words would be "Justice" and "Peace". I'll just mention it now, but I have no intention of governing and controlling the people! On the contrary, you can do whatever you like in my kingdom! I hereby abolish the word "peace". War, violence, robbery, murder! You're free to do anything! No one will stop you! Criminals! Do what you love to do! We Demon Clansmen will eliminate all who cling to the idea of "justice"! Ours will be a spectacular world overflowing with evil and terror!"

(Somewhere in the world, right now, Ron Paul has an erection.)

"Hey now, he's saying some pretty good things there..."

(Lunch is such a libertarian.)

Meanwhile, Goku has been choking on the Super Sacred Water for untold hours.

And atop Karin Tower, Karin-sama feels a tremendous power.
"I believe I just saw a glimpse of Goku's unbelievable hidden power...!"

Will Goku survive to face Piccolo Daimao?!

"I sure hope not."

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