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Dragon Ball ep 117 - Son Goku Finally Takes Off!!

Goku is awake. The effects of the Super Sacred Water have seemed to come to an end, and Goku feels as if he's brimming with power. Yajirobe remarks that he doesn't look any different. Goku thanks the Darkness, who returns to his black home. Now Goku can see the path out of this place and back to Karin Tower.

 With Piccolo Daimao's word that all government is abolished
 society goes fucking bananas.

But just outside the city limits of King Castle distinct, a hero has arrived. A hero unaffected by Piccolo Daimao's lawless anarchy.

And the sight of the half annihilated city horrifies him.
"Please be alive, Suno-chan..."

Having watched the speech from Piccolo Daimao on the television, Bulma and Oolong feel abject hopelessness in regards to the world's future. But Lunch reminds them all that a glimmer of hope remains; Tenshinhan's Mafuba. Then Yamcha sternly recalls what happened to Mutaito-sama when he used the Mafuba, and the room goes quiet.

(Nice going, buzz kill Yamcha.)

Hachan finds Suno among the refugees and survivors of Piccolo Daimao's attack on King Castle. She's happy to see him, but he's the first person to come since the attack. Hachan asks about ambulances, but Suno sadly says none have come. Just then, they hear sirens. But not ambulance sirens.

The MacPunkmenn have arrived.

 Suno and Hachan plea with the Punks to help take injured people to hospital with their motorcycles, but the Punks laugh and reveal their true allegiance.
 The Demon Clan!
 Then the Punk leader challenges Hachan to a knife fight...!!
...Apparently he never heard the expression "don't bring a knife to a Jinzoningen fight".

After being humiliated by Hachan, the MacPunks agree to help out! Yay Hachan!

 Elsewhere, Tenshinhan has finally mastered the Mafuba...
And Goku and Yajirobe have finally found the exit to Karin Tower.
Karin congratulates Goku on a job well done, then shouts "Nyan!" to bring them back up.
(They devoured the Poptart before reaching Karin Tower.)

Kame House urgently calls Tenshinhan only to be informed that he has mastered the Mafuba, and is heading toward King Castle now. "Don't misunderstand me." Ten says after a long, measured silence. "I don't want to defeat him and save the world and everyone else just to look good. As a martial artist, I'll never be satisfied until I bring him down. That's all." He pauses. "Well, this is goodbye." Then ends the call.

Back at Karin Tower, Son Goku is overflowing with his new found power. Karin is amazed at how far his student has come, never once guessing the boy had this much strength in him. Goku can now sense Piccolo Daimao's ki, from all the way across the world. (A Dragon World first, mind you, kiddos. Even Karin is amazed.)

"I'm going to go get rid of him!"

But before Goku leaves, Karin has one last present for him!
He calls his giant Kinto Un, the original Kinto Un which Muten Roshi's came off of when Karin gave it to him all those years ago, and tells Goku to take as much as he likes!

"Okay, this is all I need!"
"Are you sure you only want that little bit?"

Goku offers Yajirobe a ride as well, but he insists he doesn't want to die an early death. So with that, Goku's off toward King Castle...!!

The final battle approaches...!

PS. If you're wondering where Puar is during the episode, I can't tell you. But I imagine he's doing something more useful than Yamcha.

Which isn't hard.

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