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Dragon Ball ep 118 - Tenshinhan's Resolve!!

Piccolo Daimao transmits another message to the people of the world. May 9th, the day he became King, shall henceforth be known as Piccolo Day. And to celebrate Piccolo Day, he will hold an annual lottery. The Dragon World is divided into 43 districts. Every year, he will draw out a number, from 1 through 43. And every year, the number that is drawn, the corresponding district will be annihilated personally by King Piccolo.

Then Piccolo Daimao issues a challenge to the people of earth: "To those who have any problems with my way of doing things... Come to King Castle any time you want! You can even fire your missiles at me, I don't care! Just know that all who oppose me will find themselves in an early grave!"

District 29 is chosen this year.
Metro West.
"I'll be there soon. You'd best run as far away as you can!"

"Metro West? That's great news, Honey" Panty Brief remarks.
"I'm glad it wasn't where Bulma lives."
Dr. Brief smiles, "That's great news!"
"Oh, but you know, Honey... Metro West, isn't that..."

"This is Kame House, respond, Tenshinhan! Tenshinhan! Please! Don't let Piccolo go to Metro West! My mom and dad are there!"
'I'm taking him down. Without fail!'

 Metro West has gone into a panic at Piccolo's words.
 But back at Capsule Corp., Dr. and Mrs. Brief are trying to gather all their pets before they can leave. But Mrs. Brief can't find their favorite cat, Tama!

At last she finds him, but then Dr. Brief reminds her that they need to water their plants first.

(I don't care what you guys think. I will take gratuitous shots of Bulma's mom all I want. She is bangin'.)

Just then, back at Kame House, filler bad guys escaped convicts break in!

Yamcha tries to fight them, but hurts his leg (because he sucks).

So Lunch steps in to finish them off...!!

(Never send a boy to do a man's job. Send Lunch instead.)

"Already a fool with no value for his life has shown up."

At last, Tenshinhan has made it to King Castle, to face Piccolo Daimao.

"Oh, so you're able to use Bukujutsu. It would seem you've got a little bit of training under your belt. But because you possess martial art skills - however meager they may be - you will have to be eliminated."
"You're getting ahead of yourself. You haven't won yet."

Unknown to Piccolo Daimao, Tenshinhan is preparing to unleash that technique Piccolo fears the most. 'This Denshi Jar will look good in your castle.'

But before he can, Piccolo unleashes something of his own.
"Your name will be Drum." Piccolo announces.
"Show him the strength of the Demon Clan soldiers!"

Meanwhile, at far away Mt. Frypan, a father and child watch the news.
"I'm scared, dad." Chichi says, clinging to Gyumao's arm.
"You can beat him up, can't you?"
"Of course not! It's hopeless!" Gyumao answers disparagingly.
"Even I could never win against Piccolo Daimao..."
"He's that strong?!" Chichi asks, horrified.
"Strong isn't even the right word! There's no one in the world who could defeat him!"
"Goku... Yeah! Goku might be able to beat him up for us!"
"No, not even Goku would stand a chance."
"He would to! Goku can do it, I just know it!"

"He's close! I'm coming for you, Piccolo!"
If Goku can't do it, who will?!

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