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Dragon Ball ep 119 - Will the Legendary Mafuba Work?!

 Metro West is in complete chaos since Piccolo Daimao's announcement of intention to annihilate the city for the first annual Piccolo Day.

Back at Kame House, Bulma tries desperately to contact her parents.

But at the Capsule Corp. house, Panty Brief is preoccupied picking out which outfits she wants to take with her as she flees the city. She's having a poor time of it.

Bulma finally manages to get through to her mother's phone, but Panty thinks she's their neighbor asking when they're going to go shopping today. Mrs. Brief informs her she can't go because Dr. Brief says they need to leave before the city is blown up. She hangs up before Bulma can get a word in.

(I'd like to take this moment to point out how adorable it is when these two refer to each other as "Papa" and "Ka-san". They're the best married couple on TV, next to Arnold's Grandparents.)

Tenshinhan has no time to spend fighting Drum. He has to get to Piccolo Daimao, in order to use the Mafuba and seal him away in the Denshi Jar. But Drum is too quick, and blocks Ten at every turn! He has no choice but to fight...!

"Impossible! Such unbelievable strength and speed! And he's just an underling - not Piccolo!"

In spite of being outmatched by Drum, Tenshinhan refuses to give up! He must use the Mafuba on Piccolo Daimao...!!!

Elsewhere, the King's Men have tracked down and cornered Gyumao and Chichi. Under the orders of Piccolo Daimao, they are to exterminate him for being one of the world's renown martial artists. Should they fail, Piccolo has promised to kill each of them. They open fire --

 -- But as bullets have no effect on Gyumao, the men prepare to fire their big guns. Their commanding officer takes out a fucking rocket launcher, and fires at our father and daughter duo!

 Son Goku arrives on the scene, taking the rocket head on.
"Ah! Goku!! Goku! I knew you'd come for me!"
"Chichi, you've really grown up!" Goku says cheerfully.

The King's Men are too scared to fight.

 Back at Kame House, Yamcha has resolved to leave for King Castle, bum leg or no.
Lunch and Bulma decide to follow.

Back at King Castle, Ten and Drum continue their battle.

Despite Tenshinhan's extraordinary strength, he is no match for Drum. But at last, as he lays on the grass at Demon Lord's feet, is he close enough to unleash his trump card...

"A Denshi Jar?!"

But before Ten's Mafuba can reach Piccolo, his son Drum bravely takes the blow. Too late to change anything, Tenshinhan makes to imprison Drum first and use whatever energy he can muster to finish Piccolo Daimao. Unfortunately, this plan too goes awry when Piccolo destroys the Denshi Jar! With Drum and Piccolo both entirely intact and safe, and Tenshinhan on the verge of death, Piccolo Daimao calls for his son to gouge out Ten's eyes and tear out his heart. Drum is happy to oblige.

 Drum prepares to make the final strike...!!
 ...but BAM! He's knocked away at the last second!

"Son Goku!"
"So it was you, Tenshinhan!"
"You're alive?!" Ten grins from ear to ear.

Piccolo looks a bit taken aback.
"Now this is a surprise. I was certain I had put an end to his life."
Goku smiles, "I'm just lucky!"
Then he realizes. "Huh? Did your face change?"
Piccolo grins. "I became young again."
He explains how much more powerful he is now than when they last fought.

(Pictured above: Son Goku experiencing his first erection.)

Ten shouts for Goku to run away, but Goku has no intention to run.
Drum approaches Goku and Ten pleas for him to run. 
Drum is too quick...!!

But not as quick as Son fucking Goku.

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