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Dragon Ball ep 120 - Goku... Anger at Full Power!!

Yamcha, Bulma, and Lunch head toward King Castle at full speed. Unable to simply sit by as Piccolo Daimao threatens to destroy Metro West, the trio head out to back up Tenshinhan. But as they follow the news coverage, Metro West still stands - which must mean that Tenshinhan is successfully holding off the Demon Lord. Lunch shouts that if anything has happened to Ten, she'll personally make whoever's responsible pay. Yamcha smiles, saying it's good to have someone like Lunch around in these situations. (Meaning someone completely unstable with killer's eyes.)

"Oh, are we going on a picnic?"

Tenshinhan can hardly believe what he's seeing. One hit. One hit was all it took. One single hit and Drum is dead. Son Goku never wielded this intense power before - certainly not when the two fought nigh days ago at the Tenka-ichi Budokai finals. Piccolo cannot make sense of it. Why would this boy cheat death only to defy him again? He reminds Goku that he has powered up. Goku simply says he has too.

"I'll eradicate you in just five seconds."

(You remember the last time someone said something like that to Goku? How did that go again...?)


"Your five seconds is long over."
(Oh yeah. It went something like that.)

"Why you...! You better be ready to die!"

Piccolo Daimao fires a barrage of ki attacks at Goku, who dodges nearly all of them with apparent ease. Finally Piccolo gets a direct hit... but Goku shakes it off like it's nothing...!!

Goku retaliates by hitting Piccolo so hard into Piano, that Piano is dead.

The King and a guard watch from the castle, unable to believe what they're seeing.

Piccolo is not happy.

And why should he be? To his knowledge, Goku has killed every one of his children.

No matter what Piccolo Daimao does, he cannot keep up with Son Goku!


Goku seemingly beats Piccolo Daimao into a corner. But Tenshinhan wonders why he won't finish him off...?

Goku knows that Piccolo is holding back his full power. Finally, Piccolo Daimao announces he will fight at full strength. He doesn't like to, as his full strength drains his life span. But if he must, now he shall.

(This theme of not fighting at 100% will come back again in Dragon Ball Z. And again. And again. And again, again.)

Piccolo powers up.

"I assume you're ready to die now?" He gloats.
"You're the one who should be ready!" Goku smirks.
"Even now I can still beat you to a pulp!"

Piccolo punches Goku so hard that he sends him flying...!! Ten goes white, thinking Goku killed in a single hit. But before Piccolo Daimao can celebrate or Ten can make an attack of his own on the Demon Lord, a familiar voice rings out across the King Castle field.

"Ka... me..."
"Ha... me..."

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