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Dragon Ball ep 121 - Son Goku- Final Crisis!!

But not this Final Crisis...

 "Ka... me... ha... me..."
 Piccolo Daimao makes to block Son Goku's Kamehameha, but Goku uses his arms to lift the beam above and around the Demon Lord!

As Piccolo holds his head in agony at taking a direct hit, Goku lands and tells him to shake it off. He knows the Demon Lord has much more in him than that - the Kamehameha was merely a warning shot. "Are you some sort of monster?!" Piccolo blurts, with absolutely zero irony. (Demons, they're like Americans, no sense of irony, hibibibibibibi *adjusts monocle and sips tea*) "This fight isn't over until one of us has been slaughtered!" Goku shouts back.

"And naturally, that shall be you." Piccolo taunts.

...Again, with no sense of irony.

But despite Goku's clear advantage in speed and strength, Piccolo's stamina and endurance keep the Demon Lord in the fight, trading blow for blow with our hero. The King and his Guards have been watching the fight, and seeing how the young men below have the situation handled, his Guard Captain talks the King into finally retreating from King Castle.

A TV anchor reports to the world what is going on outside the castle.
"It seems that two individuals have shown up to oppose Piccolo Daimao, and that a fierce battle is currently raging outside King Castle! What's happening isn't clear as it's too dangerous to get closer, but one is an adolescent, and judging from his height, the one fighting now appears to be a young boy."

Bulma recalls Uranai Baba's words from three years previous; "He's going to save the world someday!" With renewed hope in their hearts, Yamcha, Lunch, and Bulma fly toward King Castle. Goku's friends around the world have realized what is truly happening. The world is being rescued by the boy who saved Jingle Village, by the boy who defeated the Red Ribbon Army, by the boy who has come so close to becoming Tenka-ichi Champion twice in a row. The world is being saved by that wonder boy, Son Goku..!!

Back at King Castle, the furious Piccolo Daimao shoots his laser vision at our hero, crippling his right knee.  "AHAHAHAHAAA! GOT YOU! You can't move so quickly on just one leg now!" Piccolo cackles madly.

Nice try anyway, Piccolo.

"You'll pay for that! YOU'RE AS GOOD AS DEAD!"
Piccolo bellows, veins throbbing in his temple. 
 Piccolo builds up a powerful aura around himself, focusing his ki into sharp bursts. He blasts these finger missiles at at our hero, who can do little more than defend against them with one handed Kamehamehas.

Piccolo blasts Goku's Nyoibo away, then prepares to launch all his ki into a single attack...!! The Bakurikimaha! (aka Explosive Demon Wave)

"This is the end!"

King Castle is annihilated.

Piccolo Daimao bursts into raucous laughter. He's finally won.

Then he feels a ki.

Son Goku's ki.

And it's right above him!

With the very last of his ki, Tenshinhan grabbed Goku and took him to safety using Bukujutsu. Goku isn't phased by the Bakurikimaha, but Piccolo has used a lot of his remaining power to fire it! Unfortunately, Ten has barely enough power to stay conscious. Piccolo announces he'll use his finishing move again, and this time he'll have no way to dodge it. But Goku insists he won't need to dodge it this time.

"No good! I couldn't put all my strength into it with just one leg!" Goku shouts. Despite getting a solid punch on Piccolo Daimao, the Demon Lord recovers enough to fire his last Bakurikimaha!

Goku takes the blast head on.

The dust settles, and this time Piccolo finds himself very much on his own. He grins, "That damn pipsqueak, giving me so much trouble..." 

"Kinto Un!"

 "It can't be...!"
"Guess I withstood it somehow!" Goku snickers.

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