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Dragon Ball ep 122 - The Final Gamble!!

"I was right! You have lost a lot of power!" Goku smirks. "That last attack was no where near as powerful as the one before it!" Goku is referring to Piccolo Daimao's Bakurikimaha, which the Demon Lord used to wipe King Castle off the map. But now both fighters are severely weakened, and the fight is drawing to its inevitable conclusion. Piccolo is utterly shocked! "There is no possible way that a human could ever contend with me!" He bellows. "I've got a tail, so maybe I'm not human, who knows?" Goku snickers. "This is going to get settled real soon, it looks like!" Goku begins to limp toward Piccolo. "Will I die?! Or will you?!"

These are desperate times. And in desperate times, demons call for desperate measures.

"Now then! Not one more move!"

Piccolo Daimao holds the battered Tenshinhan hostage. Under the threat of Ten's death, Goku stands down. Piccolo instructs him to stand perfectly still. Then the Demon Lord lifts up a stone, holds it up to his mouth, and blows it at Goku -- the force of Piccolo's breath sends the stone rocketing at Goku like a bullet!

Goku's arm is shattered by the blow. His left arm and right leg unusable, his Nyoibo lost among the rubble, and Tenshinhan barely conscious, Son Goku can do little more than listen to Piccolo Daimao's monologue about how compassion is humanity's greatest weakness. "You have no hope of conquering evil unless you've stripped yourself of all emotion!" (Again, I don't think Piccolo is being ironic.) "What does it matter, you're going to kill us anyway!" Goku spits, holding his worthless arm. He apologizes to Tenshinhan, but he has to beat Piccolo. He says he'll just use Shen Long to bring him back. Ten smiles, and Piccolo cackles maliciously.

Piccolo Daimao explains how he had his own reasons for killing Shen Long. As Goku stands in stunned silence, Piccolo fires another stone at him!

Goku falls onto the ground, both of his legs completely useless. "Just like a caterpillar!" Piccolo mocks. The Demon Lord sets Tenshinhan on the ground, saying that he'll cook him later. Then he levitates into the air, high above them.

"There's nothing you can do now! This is finally the end!"
"Piccolo Daimao-sama is victorious!"

"You were a fool to oppose the ruler of the world of darkness!"

"You made a mistake! You left one arm!"
 "I'm gambling everything I have..."
 "... on this attack!"
"There's nothing left for you to do against me!" 
 "Come on, hit the mark!"

"I won!"

"Old-timer! Kuririn! I've avenged your deaths!"

"This can't be... Piccolo-sama, defeated... [Chuckle] All I can say is, 'Admirable'."
"But don't think that the Demon Clan has been wiped out."
Piccolo Daimao births his final child, spitting him far into the distance.
"Child of mine! Avenge your father one day! Never let the evil in you be extinguished!"

And then, following the 6th rule of anime physics
Piccolo Daimao fucking explodes.

Goku plummets back to the earth, and a familiar face - who had come this way to watch Goku fight Piccolo and force him to make good on his promise to find him lots of food to eat - catches our hero before he hits the ground.

"Darn it! And I came all the way to take care of Piccolo for ya, too!" Yajirobe grins.
Goku smiles. "Yeah, sure."
"What's so funny?"

"You're truly amazing, Son Goku." Ten praises Goku, after Yajirobe helps him up.

"Son Goku!" Ten smiles as the three men part ways, Yajirobe taking Goku back to Karin Tower, and Ten heading back for Kame House. "I'm going to train even more seriously now! I can't stand the idea of you being so much stronger than me! I'll win the Tenka-ichi Budokai again next time!" 

Goku laughs. "I won't let you!"

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