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Dragon Ball ep 123 - Nyoibo's Secret

Piccolo Daimao is dead, and our heroes go their separate ways. Yajirobe takes an exhausted Son Goku back to Karin Tower, so that Karin-sama can mend our hero's wounds. Tenshinhan meets up with Yamcha, Lunch, and Bulma - all of whom had just arrived to lend support to Ten's effort against the Demon Lord. Learning that Goku had truly defeated Piccolo, Bulma calls a television station to report that the demon has been beaten. "By whom?" Bulma is asked urgently. "Why, the defender of truth and justice, of course!"

And the world celebrates.

Back at Karin Tower, Karin welcomes Goku back happily, congratulating him on a job well done. Goku is weak, and Karin says not to worry, he'll tend to his wounds. "It's not that..." Goku says. "I'm hungry."

Kame House is a more somber occasion. They relocate back to their original island, and everyone is elated by Goku's accomplishment - and that he's even alive! - but the loss of three of their friends, Muten Roshi, Kuririn, and Chaozu, particularly in light of the death of Shen Long, weighs heavy on their hearts.

Elsewhere, out in the vast countryside of the (Dragon) world, and old couple stumble upon a mysterious egg. Is it a dinosaur egg? Or "Maybe Kami-sama has left us a child to care for!" The old man theorizes. But before they can do more than speculate on the egg's origins, it hatches.

Back at Karin Tower, Goku has been cured by Karin's herbs (what kind isn't specified - but I'm going to guess he was smokin' up dat senzu bean). Karin is surprised by how things turned out; He didn't think anyone had the power to defeat Piccolo. Yajirobe thinks it was pretty irresponsible for him to let Goku go if he thought he'd be killed. Karin insists it was the only choice he had. "But even if Goku did die, I was prepared to collect all the Dragon Balls, and bring him back to life along with the others who were killed." 

Goku is surprised. "You knew about the Dragon Balls, Karin-sama?"
"But of course! There is nothing I don't know!" Karin beams.
Yajirobe chimes in, "So then you also know about how Piccolo Daimao killed Shen Long?"

Karin is deeply disturbed by these developments. Normally, he would be prepared to live and let die - as the natural order dictates. But when someone is killed by a member of the Demon Clan, their soul is forced to wander a purgatory for all eternity. Never allowed into Other World. Never allowed peace.

There's only one thing for it. Karin has to send Goku to meet the person responsible for creating the Dragon Balls, and convince him to bring them back. Son Goku has to meet God.

"Ridiculous. Kami-sama, of all things..." Yajirobe snorts. (Or as we may call him now, Professor Yajirobe Dawkins.)

But it is true. Kami-sama exists, and he lives in a floating Temple high above Karin Tower. Kinto Un cannot make it, and neither can any man made rocket or ship. The only person allowed into Kami-sama's realm must be approved by Karin-sama. And the only way up is to use the magic extending pole that once linked the two temples - until Karin gave it to Muten Roshi many years ago... who then gave it to his prized pupil, Son Gohan... who then left it to his beloved grandson, Son Goku.

The secret is the Nyoibo!

Thing is, Goku lost it during the fight with Piccolo...

So Goku rushes back to King Castle, but the Nyoibo is gone! Reporters and the King try to learn about him, and properly thank him, but he has no time! Kuririn and Kame Sen'nin's lives depend on him finding the Nyoibo!

Goku remembers Uranai Baba, so he goes to her temple to fight her five fighters in order to get his fortune told. Baba insists that no one will want to fight the boy who beat Piccolo, and seeing how her brother's life depends on it as well, she finds the Nyoibo for free!


It turns out that Tenshinhan had noticed the dropped staff and picked it up to return to Goku. And since then, Lunch had been using it as a makeshift mop handle.

With the Nyoibo in hand, Goku jumps once more on Kinto Un and rides back to Karin Tower! He tells everyone not to burn their friends' bodies - he's going to bring them back to life! But first, he has to meet God!

 However, deep within the country side...
... the world's peace is about to be disrupted once more!

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