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Dragon Ball ep 124 - The Temple Above the Clouds

For the first time, Karin has permitted someone to meet with Kami-sama. He hands Son Goku the special bell that signifies Karin's permission, and with Nyoibo once again attached to the top of Karin Tower, he sends Goku on his way to Kami's Temple. Yajirobe watches him leave as Nyoibo extends, "Is he afraid of anything?" "I have no idea. Not even I can make heads or tails of him." Says Karin.

Back at Kame House, the whole world has exploded with Son Goku fever! A surge of reporters arrive on the little island in hopes of catching a glimpse of the world's savior!

Oolong obliges them, hoping to score.
"Come to Oolong."

Elsewhere, Piccolo Daimao's son, Piccolo Junior, spies on a happy family celebrating their young son's birthday.

(The father looks exactly like Pansy's father from Legend of Shen Long.)
(Somebody has a secret second family.)

Furious at the sight unfolding, he picks up a rock and shatters their window. He's eventually spotted by the father, who takes out his shotgun and sends their doberman pinscher chasing after the young Demon Clansman.

 The protective dog nearly overtakes the child, who trips over his own uncoordinated legs.
 And in a panic, he sends a ki blast at the dog, knocking it out!
Piccolo is surprised by his own power.

At last, Goku has arrived at Kami's Temple.

And someone is already waiting for him.
Introducing Mr. Popo
Kami-sama's Assistant.

Mr. Popo introduces himself to Goku, and congratulates him on his excellent victory against Piccolo Daimao. Goku is surprised - but of course, Kami-sama knows everything! Noting that Goku has Karin-sama's bell, Mr. Popo says that Goku has been qualified to take the test. Should he pass it, he will be allowed to meet Kami! And of course, this is Dragon Ball, so we can all guess what sort of test it will be...


Goku feels pretty confident after whipping Piccolo Daimao into a fine powder. But Mr. Popo is unimpressed. After Mr. Popo blocks and returns every attack Goku can throw with ease, he begins to wonder aloud if he really did beat Piccolo. 

Furious, Goku launches a powerful Kamehameha...!!
And Mr. Popo eats it.

Goku tries to launch at Mr. Popo with the same punch he used to beat Piccolo, but Popo dodges it pretty easily. He remarks, as he floats above Goku. "You have incredible power, but you are not making use of it at all. That is no good. There is no point in taking the test. Go home!"

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