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Dragon Ball ep 125 - Enter Kami-sama!!

"Assisting Kami-sama keeps Mr. Popo incredibly busy. Leave at once."
Unable to heed Mr. Popo's advice, Goku tries again to defeat Kami-sama's assistant.

And gets owned.

"You are weak. Both your mind and skills are inferior." Popo says calmly.

Despite Mr. Popo's insistence that Goku isn't worthy to meet Kami-sama, Goku is fuckin' excited! After defeating Piccolo Daimao, Mr. Popo rightly assumes, Goku thought he was the strongest in the world. But Mr. Popo reminds Goku that, no matter your level, someone is always stronger than you! So Goku decides to stick around and train until he can beat Popo!!

Back at Kame House, Tenshinhan trains to surpass Goku.
He absolutely must win the Tenka-ichi Budokai again!

Back at Kami's Temple, Goku has quickly run out of breath. Mr. Popo explains that he makes too many unnecessary movements, so that being so high up, where the air is so thin, he's bound to run out of breath quickly. The only way Goku can hope to improve is to stand quietly like the sky, and move faster than lightning. Goku tries, but it's not easy! Mr. Popo informs him that he must first empty his mind...

"That is simply a state of thinking nothing." Mr. Popo says calmly. "It is not the same as emptying your mind." Goku is amazed by how strong and quick Mr. Popo is - Goku can't even read his movements, but Popo can read all of his, even when he's not looking at him! The changes in air, sound, and energy are enough for the stoic Popo. And according to Mr. Popo, Kami-sama is even stronger!

Elsewhere, a couple King Castle guardsmen stumble onto a large poached bear on their patrol. When they find the culprit, it turns out to be Piccolo Jr. Thinking he's a regular child, the two attempt to get him to safety. So he breaks their guns. After they shit themselves and run away, Piccolo says to himself, "My father - Piccolo - left me an enormous power." 

You have no idea, kiddo.

Mr. Popo requests the bell that Karin gave to Goku. He tucks the string in his belt, then tells Goku to attack him. As pictured above, Goku is no more successful than before... but, he did notice something! When Popo moved, the bell didn't ring at all! When Goku tries it, the bell jingles and jangles as expected. It finally comes to him, though, what Mr. Popo means by stand quietly like the sky, and move faster than lightning...

 Goku remembers training under Muten Roshi, all that time ago...

Goku realizes that the bell and water served the same purpose - eliminating unnecessary movements!

"I've taken a liking to you!" Booms the voice of God.
"I will see you now."

"Did Karin not explain anything to do?"
Introducing Kami-sama.

"That mischievous scoundrel." Kami goes on,  "Long ago, Piccolo and I were one. We were a single martial artist. One day, I learned of the existence of Kami and made my way here. Just as you have. Unfortunately, even Kami dies. I longed to be Kami's successor. "
"However, no matter how hard I tried, Kami would not approve of me."
"Yet I believed there was none better suited to be his successor than I. It was only a speck, but hidden deep within the recesses of my heart there lurked an evil. Kami was well aware of this fact. Upon completing even more agonizing training, I was finally able to drive the evil out."
"That speck of evil was Piccolo Daimao."
"I became the new Kami while he made the people on the earth suffer. I regret that even to this day. You have defeated Piccolo for me. As a token of appreciation, I will listen to your request. However, only on the condition that you remain here to train even more."

New training with Kami-sama, and the return of Shen Long! What does Kami-sama have in store for our hero?!

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