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Dragon Ball ep 126 - Shen Long - Revived!!

 A couple fishermen (one optimistic, the other pessimistic) see a strange sight at sea.
 Standing on water, like the image of Christ himself,
 is Piccolo.

Using only his ki, he catches a fish. Then blows up the two fishermen.
(And that's why I don't update OFPF anymore.)

Back at Kami's Temple, Mr. Popo repairs Shen Long with super glue. He explains, "Popo makes things for Kami-sama. Kami-sama breathes life into things Popo makes." Kami-sama himself had intended to leave Shen Long broken, originally creating the Dragon Balls to give humans hope, only to have them exploited by the greedy.

"However... you were different." He says to Son Goku. "I had a great deal of difficulty deciding what to do... but if people such as yourself exist, no matter how few their number may be, I have no qualms with reviving the Dragon Balls once more." With that, Kami-sama breathes life back into the Dragon Balls.

Goku cannot return to see his friends come back, however. He agreed to stay for training, and he shall, until the next Tenka-ichi Budokai. And according to Kami, Piccolo will be there - to kill Goku

Kami explains how Piccolo left a "double" of himself, right before the explosion that killed him. A double endowed with greater strength than before, so that he can eliminate Goku and return to ruling the world. But as long as he stays in the Upper World, Piccolo cannot come after him. So there Goku will stay, training in secret for 3 years. And when the time comes, he shall destroy Piccolo once and for all. Only he can do it, as Kami and Mr. Popo have their reasons why they cannot fight him themselves. "Do you understand?" Kami asks calmly.

"I understand." Goku says solemnly.
"But first I need to take a leak - do you guys have a bathroom?"

As Goku runs off to the toilet, Mr. Popo looks at Kami with concern. "Kami-sama, you and Piccolo are one. If he defeats Piccolo, you too will die... That is not good at all." "No, he is the seed I originally sowed. I've long wanted to take responsibility for it. But a Kami cannot simply commit suicide... I have been waiting for someone such as him to appear. I am certain that this young lad known as Son Goku will accomplish this." says Kami. "Mr. Popo is full of conflicting emotions." responses Popo.

At Kame House, the 7 Dragon Balls have returned to their normal state.

Excited, and knowing it has to do with Goku, they summon Shen Long!

Shen Long explains how Son-kun requested his revival of Kami-sama. And in exchange, Goku is training in the Upper World under Kami himself, and they can ask him the details in 3 years time, at the 23rd Tenka-ichi Budokai. Bulma wishes for the return of their friends to life, but Yamcha (doing something relative useful for once!) interjects and changes the wish so that all of those killed under Piccolo Daimao's reign would be revived!

And so it was...
"Was I dead until just now?" Kuririn asks.

(How weird am I that just typing that has made me start crying?)

This is the face Muten Roshi makes when they tell him where Goku is training.

Then, to celebrate, he asks Bulma for some Pafu Pafu.

Realizing the gap between them will be growing more every moment, Tenshinhan, Yamcha, and Kuririn set to training for the next Budokai! They won't let Goku win without a fight!

Power up to the next level, everyone!!

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