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Dragon Ball ep 127 - Faster Than Lightning!!

In order to stand quietly like the sky, and move faster than lightning, Son Goku must first learn to empty his mind. He has quite a lot of trouble with this. Mr. Popo suggests he become a stone - then he smacks him over the head. "Eeeh!" "Stones do not speak. Stones feel no pain." Some time later, it seems Goku's meditation is improving. But upon further inspection, Mr. Popo realizes he's just fallen asleep.

Meanwhile, at Kame House,
 Kuririn, Tenshinhan, and Yamcha take it in turns sparring with each other.
And Puar gets some action.

Back at Kami's Temple, Mr. Popo uses a pole to prove a point. Goku gets flinch-y as Popo spins it in his direction, and his eyes fool him into thinking the pole extends - like the Nyoibo. But it is simply his eyes playing tricks on him. "Eyes alone cannot see the truth."

Then Mr. Popo blindfolds Goku and asks him to chase after a cat with a bell tied to its tail. Goku does alright, but when he finally dives for it, he "catches" a palm tree instead. With his face. It turns out that Mr. Popo was holding another bell in his hand. "The truth is not clear with sight or sound alone." He explains. "If you empty your mind, many things will become clear."

Goku asks to do the same training Popo once did. So Mr. Popo leads Goku into...

Goku's instructions are simple. He must climb Mt. Thunder and take Holy Crown. Using THE TIME ROOM, Goku is transported to a place where this is possible.

 He climbs Mt. Thunder...
 Takes the Holy Crown...
 And gets the shit shocked out of him by a bolt of lightning.
And now the episode title makes sense.

Goku's mangled body is rescued by Generic Little Girl #14 (called Chu-li by her mother), who has a set of her own problems. Her pet bird Pippi (pronounced pee pee, to my endless amusement) has gone missing. She tries to climb onto her roof to find him and gets stuck. Goku makes with the heroics and gets her down. While her mother is giving her a firm talking-to, she can feel Pippi (lulz) is outside! He is, and she is overjoyed. Goku asks how she knew, and she explains she just did - she could feel his presence.

Understanding his mission, Goku goes back up Mt. Thunder...

 Goku stands quietly like the sky...
 And moves faster than lightning...!!
 "I did it!"

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