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Dragon Ball ep 128 - As Quietly as the Sky

Goku awakens three days later back in Kami's Temple, with Mr. Popo watching over him. (Talk about Coyote Ugly.) The Holy Crown of Mt. Thunder was, according to Popo's assessment, too advanced for Goku. So back into THE TIME ROOM they go, this time (hah!) he sends Goku into a forest. Goku assumes there must be a strong guy for him to fight, but Mr. Popo tells him he'll need to figure that out on his own.

First though, Goku falls into a lake where he needs to use a Kamehameha to stop himself from drowning. Hungry after exerting his ki, Goku searches for food. That's when he comes across a fully cooked steak in the middle of no where.

He gets captured.

He escapes his net prison, just in time to meet the hunter responsible. A kindly man named Mousse, who takes him back to his house to dry off, eat, and sleep for the night. There he meets Mousse's wife, Eclair, and their many children: Pudding, Crepe, Donut, Jelly, Biscuit, Bavarois, Choco, Cookie, and Shuku (Cream Puff)! (Their last name is Punstein.) And finally, Grandpa.

Grandpa is a fisherman, who has gone out and fished up his family's meals every day for the last 60 years. He is a humble, kind old man, who has plenty of food to spare Son Goku. Over dinner, the kids ask Goku what he was doing in the forest. He explains about Kami-sama. Intrigued, the kids start doing their impressions of what Kami-sama might look like...

Goku asks if there are any strong guys around, and the kids tell him about Yaochun - a man who is said to be able to dodge lightning!! Goku spends the night playing with the kids, then leaves the next morning with Grandpa. They part ways, and Grandpa points him toward Yaochun's hut.

Back at Kame House, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and Kuririn continue to train tirelessly in preparation for the 23rd Tenka-ichi Budokai. But as they return to the house, they're in for a surprise when Muten Roshi refuses to train them! (Though he does note he could help them get girls.)

"At this rate, you will never be Goku's equal. Goku continued on his journey alone, and became steadily stronger! Fearlessly, he continued pushing further and further, and now he has succeeded in ascending to the Upper World! But what can you say about yourselves? You incessantly remain in the same place, and spend every day doing the same exact thing, all buddy-like."

After that cold dose of reality, the boys understand. They will train on their own, like Goku.

"Before I leave, could you teach me your method for getting girls?"
Kuririn asks quietly.
"Oh! Well, you see, the most important thing to remember is... Hm?"

(Yamcha is legitimately curious. Ten is trying to touch Yamcha's butt.)


Goku finds Yaochun at his hut in the forest, and he challenges him to a fight. Yaochun excepts, but warns Goku that he will not go easy on him. He gives him one chance to back out. Goku refuses. They take stance...

In a single hit, Yaochun is down! It turns out that Yaochun, while strong, cannot dodge lightning. Goku is already well above his level. Confused, Goku wanders off. He sits beside a river, contemplating his mission from Mr. Popo. Then, he notices Grandpa sitting beside him...

"When did you get here, mister?" Goku asks, blinking.
"What are you talking about? I've been right here since this morning."
"Huh? But just until now..."
Grandpa chuckles. "Half asleep, were you?"

So Grandpa hands Goku a fishing pole, and suggests he give it a try. 

"I've always caught fish with my hands..."
"There's no need to be so nervous. Relax."
Goku relaxes his shoulders. "Like this?"
"That's right. Next comes deep breathing."
Goku breathes in and exhales.
"Look at the sky..." Grandpa instructs.
 "Pretty, isn't it?"
"Yeah..." Goku smiles peacefully.
"As you do this, you will start to feel quieter... Almost like the sky."
"Quietly like the sky..." Goku whispers.

Grandpa instructs Goku to catch a fish, feeling and listening to the river.
Both can feel the fish as it contemplates the bait.
Then, at the right moment, Goku and Grandpa both say 'Now'...
"By the way," Grandpa asks, "Did you ever meet the person you were looking for?"
"I did, sort of..."

Mr. Popo and Kami watch Goku from THE TIME ROOM.
"He still does not realize a thing." Popo says.
"No, that isn't necessarily the case." Kami smiles.

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