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Dragon Ball ep 129 - Time Traveling Goku

Though Goku has improved significantly since coming to the Upper World, Mr. Popo has a new training assignment for him. Together they enter The Room of Time (not to be confused with my own name for their other room, THE TIME ROOM, or the completely canon Room of Spirit and Time), where Mr. Popo sends our hero to meet a great martial arts master... back in time!!

(Where we're going, we don't need Kinto Un.)

Back at Kame House, the gang asks Muten Roshi about the sort of training he did in his youth. He tells them that under his master, Mutaito-sama, every moment of training was grueling, living hell!

Many, many years ago...
 "Dammit! I can't see! I can almost see her, but not quite!"

A young, 18-year-old Muten Roshi - then simply known as Kame - is trying to peep on the girl he has a crush on, Fanfan. He's interrupted when Goku falls from the sky onto him.

 "Great Scott!"
"This is heavy, Doc..."

Goku and Kame introduce themselves to each other, and Kame pries Goku about whether or not he caught a glimpse of Fanfan's nipples. In the end, Goku learns that Kame trains under the greatest martial artist in the world, Mutaito-sama, and asks to meet him. 'Cus, y'know, Goku wants to fight him. (You'll remember Mutaito as the martial artist who sealed Piccolo Daimao away, many years before Goku fought him.)

"Hey, butthead!"
That's when Crane, Crabb, and Goyle arrive.

Crane (a young Tsuru Sen'nin) arrives to give Kame crap for ditching training to be a pervert. Kame throws it back in his face, saying Crane is trying to look at her too. Goyle snipes, "Heh! Someday Fanfan is gonna be Crane bro's girl!" Crane and Crabb agree. "Don't be stupid!" Kame shouts. "As if Fanfan-san would ever fall in love with a smelly baboon like you!"

Thems being fightin' words, the young men take stance.

"Ow! Ow, oooh! My back! Ahh!"

The fight breaks up, and so Kame takes Son Goku to see his master, Mutaito-sama.

"Oh, so you also study Kenpo?" Mutaito asks Goku.
Kame chimes in, "He insisted on seeing you, Mutaito-sama, so I brought him here."
"Oh? And what dojo do you train at?"
"At Kami-sama's place in the Upper World!" Goku smiles.
The other students burst into laughter.
Mutaito smiles, "Amusing, you are."

And so, to everyone's astonishment, he agrees to fight Goku!!

"You're not going to take a stance, mister?"
 "I have been in a stance for quite some time now. Ever since you entered the room, in fact. Come at me!"
 Despite Goku's incredible speed and power, nothing he does can phase Mutaito!
 At last, Mutaito goes on the offensive!
Focusing his ki, a single Kiai from Mutaito is all it takes to knock down the mighty Son Goku!

Goku and Mutaito are both impressed with each other.
"You sent me flying but you barely even touched me..."
"It is the power of ki." Mutaito explains.
"Ki is the fundamental energy that all humans are comprised of. With training you can learn to control its power!"

Goku and Kame follow Mutaito for a demonstration of ki power...
Focusing his ki, similar to the Kamehameha, Mutaito has the power to split a waterfall!
"Concentrating your energy is the key! Concentrate all of your energy into your fist, then release it all at once!"

Mutaito returns to his dojo, but Goku continues to train his ki. But try as he might, he cannot cut the waterfall. Kame suggests he give up, but Goku is determined. Just then, a piece of clothing floats down the fall, and Goku catches it! It turns out that it belongs to Fanfan!

And she thinks Goku is totally cute.

"Oh, would ya look at that!" Kame pipes up.
"I'm really sweaty too!"
"You sure that isn't drool?" Fanfan shoots daggers.
"Oh, my mistake."

Later on...
Kame is creeping on Fanfan.

 A jealous Crane approaches Fanfan with Crabb and Goyle, and in a Biff-esque move, demands she be his girlfriend.
She's not down.

So Crane kidnaps her, and shouts for Kame to bring Goku to the harvest field!

They arrive, and Crane challenges Goku to a duel!
Goku wins easily.
So Crane tries to light them on fire.

But before he and Kame burn alive, Goku recalls Mutaito's instructions... He focuses his ki into his fist... then at once, he releases it...!!
He splits the fire in half!

Goku and Kame break free of the flames, just in time to watch Fanfan beat the snot out of Goyle. (Is it just me, or does Fanfan look a lot like Colonel Violet?) Before Crabb can retaliate, Mutaito arrives...!! Crane begs for Mutaito's forgiveness, and Kame makes a pact to train more like Son Goku from now on! "From now on, I'm going to work super hard! I'll surpass you, just you watch!" Kame promises. Fanfan smiles at him, "And when you do that then I'll wipe the sweat off you!" "Eh?! Honestly?!" And that's the power of love!

And that's when Crane wrecks his caddie.
"I hate manure!"

Later, Goku proves totally hopeless at channeling his ki again...
"I cannot tell if he has promise or not..." Popo says.

Next time, on Dragon Ball
Goku makes out with his mom?!
(Hey, I'd hit it. I'd hit it hard.)

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