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Dragon Ball ep 132 - Hotter Than Magma

To put their strength to the test, Tenshinhan, Yamcha, and Kuririn race up an erupting volcano - worshiped as a mountain god by the (largely stupid) locals from the last episode. Chaozu comes as well, but not so much to help stop the magma, but to shout "Ten-san!" as many times as possible. (Seriously, if you played a Chaozu "Ten-san!" drinking game, this episode would destroy your liver.)

 "This is the first time I've been in an earthquake this big!"
 "Is everyone okay?"
"Is the shaking that bad?"

(Way to be a dickhead, Ten.)

 The rock face splits open under Kuririn...
 ...And our hero falls in to his doom!!
But thankfully, Chaozu saves with using Bukujutsu.

(Chaozu isn't a dickhead like Ten.)

When they're all safe and the quaking stops, Tenshinhan suggests Yamcha and Kuririn learn Bukujutsu. (But in a really dickhead way.) As the magma moves down the mountain side, Kuririn decides he'll be the first to try and stop it!

 "Kame... hame..."
Kuririn fires a Kamehameha at the magma!
It doesn't work out.

 Tenshinhan fires a Dodonpa at a nearby rock, creating a dam.
 Our heroes seem to think it has worked...
...until they realize it has simply turned the single lava flow into two separate ones...

(Is that why you have a third eye on your forehead, Ten? 'Cause you're a dickhead.)

Kuririn races down to Mint, Paoru, and their Grandfather, hoping to get them to evacuate. Grandfather refuses, as he believes the magma is purely a sign of the mountain god's fury, and with prayer he can sate it. (In other words, he's a fucking retard.) Kuririn tries to get them to understand that lava doesn't work that way, but Paoru tells him that, as an outsider, he has no right to question them. Meanwhile, Yamcha has an idea to make it rain...

 Using a Kamehameha, Yamcha breaks open a natural dam above the mountain, causing water to flow toward the magma and cut it off!! (Y'know, instead of trying to shoot the magma like Kuririn and Tenshinhan.)
("Holy shit! I'm the most useful character in this episode!")

 "You guys did it!" Kuririn shouts joyously.
But the fiercely religious village isn't exactly grateful. Grandfather rattles on about how it's a miracle, and Paoru tells our heroes that they did nothing but make noise - it was the mountain god who saved them. (Coincidentally, "The Mountain God" is what Yamcha calls his penis, so he's half right.)

Then the volcano erupts again.
(Sweet justice.)

 Grandfather falls to his knees in prayer, again, as boulders hurl toward him.
 Kuririn, Yamcha, and Tenshinhan knock the boulders into pieces, and then...
 Yamcha and Ten combine their attacks to create a dam...!!
Walling off the village from ever being erupted upon again!!

(As the saying goes, two hands firing a Kamehameha is greater than a million clasped in prayer.)

 Mint rushes over to embrace Kuririn.
As the villagers finally show our heroes gratitude.

That evening, Kuririn would get his first handjob.
Way to go, buddy!

(Yamcha is stuck masturbating by himself though. Despite being the hero, he's still Yamcha.)

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