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Dragon Ball ep 135 - The Chosen Eight

The 23rd Tenka-ichi Budokai is shaping up to be more brutal than any before it. A line of unconscious contestants are leaving for the hospital on stretchers, Chaozu among them. Bulma and Lunch go with Chaozu to make sure he's all right...

Two fighters are responsible for the influx in near fatal injuries at this Budokai...
 Tao Pai Pai...
...and Piccolo.

Both of whom have made it into the final eight.

The rest of the final eight consists of...
 Son Goku.
...and the mysterious girl!

Only one more fighter needs to be determined. All the remaining fighters - both those qualified and disqualified - gather to watch the last two preliminary contestants duke it out. The fighters; a middle aged man named "Shen" vs Yajirobe (disguised as a Mexican wrestler)!! Before the fight can even begin, Shen is caught with his pants zipper undone...

The fight begins, and Shen rushes at Yajirobe!!
 Then he trips over his feet...
 ...dodging Yajirobe's punch?!
 As he stands up, he knocks into Yajirobe!
 And... Shen advances to the finals!!!
"That was the lamest fight I've ever seen."
(I guess Kuririn is tastefully forgetting all of Yamcha's fights.)

As Yajirobe slinks off, he thinks to himself that this middle aged guy isn't ordinary...

Mr. Announcerman calls the contestants over.
"Okay, everyone, time to draw your numbers-- ehh?"
"Hello again!" Says Kuririn.
"D-didn't you--?!"
"--die last time?!"
Mr. A begins a string of Buddhist chanting.
Kuririn laughs. "Knock it off, I'm not a ghost! I came back to life!"

(And that's enough to satisfy Mr. A's shock. Seriously.)

Finally, the matches are chosen!
 Match 1: Tao Pai Pai vs Tenshinhan
 Match 2: Son Goku vs Anonymous
 Match 3: Ma Junior vs Kuririn
Match 4: Shen vs Yamcha

Bulma and Lunch have returned from the hospital, and it seems that Chaozu will make a full recovery. Goku, Yamcha, and Kuririn report to Muten Roshi and the others that each of them made it through, as well as Tenshinhan. But Yamcha and Kuririn are both worried about Ten's opponent - Tao Pai Pai! Muten Roshi is shocked, recalling that Goku killed Tao. They explain about him being rebuilt as a cyborg, and Muten Roshi feels dread. But Goku says not to worry about it - Tenshinhan is a lot better than him.

Tsuru Sen'nin disagrees.

Tsuru Sen'nin explains that Tao Pai Pai gained a significant power up after being rebuilt. He is confident that the Crane School will have its revenge on the Turtle School for the humiliation caused at the 22nd Tenka-ichi Budokai...

As Goku, Kuririn, and Yamcha make their way to the stadium, Goku offers his friends some Senzu Beans - but it turns out they already have their own! Kuririn, Yamcha, Chaozu, and Tenshinhan indeed made it to Karin Tower, climbed it and trained before going their separate ways. Kuririn says they even invited Yajirobe to come to the Budokai. Goku says, "He hates this sort of thing!"

"Aw, shaddup! I got knocked out in the prelims!"

Meanwhile, the others get front row seats the way only Lunch can get them...
 "Outta the way! Unless you losers feel like dyin'!"

Mr. A calls for the first match to begin. Tenshinhan and Tao Pai Pai enter the ring, and Tao tells his former pupil that he won't kill him now, but he'll wait for the Budokai to end - then he'll kill him and Goku at his leisure. 
At last, the 23rd Tenka-ichi Budokai has truly began! 

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