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Dragon Ball ep 136 - Revenge of Tao Pai Pai the Assassin

Tao Pai Pai and Tenshinhan stare each other down, standing as still as statues. Mr. Announcerman shouts again for them to start the match, but the two don't move. "It's not that they aren't moving- they can't move!" Yamcha says, watching from stage side with Kuririn and Goku. "Especially for Tao Pai Pai." Goku says.

"His stance is perfect... there isn't a single opening or weak spot in it." Tao Pai Pai thinks to himself, as he looks over his former pupil. "Where did this bastard learn it from?!"
"I'll bring him down in one hit. It's all over for you the instant an opening presets itself, Tenshinhan!"

Tsuru Sen'nin uses the silence to telepathically taunt his former student...
 "You'll never be able to beat my brother! After all, it was Tao Pai Pai, the very man standing before you, who pummeled into you the fundamentals of the martial arts!"
 As Ten loses himself in memory, Tao charges!!
But Ten dodges easily, then knocks Tao down with a single chop!

But Tao is undeterred, insisting that now he won't hold back.

Tao launches at Ten, kicking at his head. Ten blocks it, knocking Tao off his balance and sending him crashing to the ring floor. Angrily, Tao gets back up, then charges Tenshinhan again -- "Please wait, Tao Pai Pai-sama!" Ten asks. "What is it? Have you decided just now to chicken out?" "I will forget what you did to Chaozu. Please stop this!" 

"What? You think you've surpassed your superior in skill? Don't make me laugh!!"

"I have become much stronger than you think."
Ten says after quickly zipping behind Tao.
"How did you get behind me?! What impudence! You've become stronger than me, you say?!"
"I'm sorry to say this, but I realized it when you tried to attack me just now."

 Tao launches into a furious assault, but it's no good. Tenshinhan dodges everything Tao Pai Pai can throw, without breaking a sweat.
"Please listen to me!" Ten pleas.
"You and Tsuru Sen'nin were the ones who taught me how to fight! I do not wish to defeat you in a humiliating manner. Please step down!"

When Tao Pai Pai refuses to listen to him, Tenshinhan twists his arm around and begins to lead him -- like a mother with an uncooperative child -- toward the edge of the Budokai ring. But Tao is a cyborg! He pops off his own hand, then retaliates against Ten...!!

With a hidden knife!!!

Mr. A bellows into his microphone that no weapons are allowed, and so Tenshinhan wins by default. But Tao Pai Pai shouts back that he doesn't care about the match; he's going to kill Tenshinhan! 

Ten doesn't care anymore, either.
"So you've lost your dignity as a martial artist as well, Tao Pai Pai-sama?!"
Yamcha offers to help Ten, but he says he will take care of Tao by himself.

 He snaps Tao's knife in two. But Tao backs up and laughs!!

He still has his secret weapon...!!
 "The Super Dodonpa! This thing is so destructive, it makes the regular Dodonpa look like child's play! It will send you to Hell in the blink of an eye! I have you locked on! Now it is pointless for you to move, no matter how fast you dodge! The Super Dodonpa will follow you wherever you go!"

The crowd begins to disperse in a panic, and Muten Roshi shouts for Tenshinhan to get out of their instantly! But Ten will not move...

 "You can regret your mistake after you've gone to Hell! This is what you get for mocking me, Cyborg Tao Pai Pai-sama! SUPER DODONPA!!"
 The blast flies straight for Tenshinhan - who lets forth a mighty Kiai!

The force of Ten's kiai causes the Super Dodonpa to explode around Ten, but not harm him!! Effectively, he neutralized Tao Pai Pai's attack!! The dust clears, and Ten flies at Tao Pai Pai -

 - knocking him cold in a single punch.

He scoops up his former master and drops him in front of Tsuru Sen'nin.
"Please take him with you and leave. And never show your faces around us again."

Tenshinhan walks back to the Tenka-ichi Budokai contestant's room. Kuririn is excited by how much Ten's improved, but as he tries to express it, Yamcha puts his hand on Kuririn's shoulder and asks him to drop it. "Let's let him be by himself for awhile."

Mr. A calls in the next contestants for match two -- Son Goku and Anonymous

 "Maybe it's just me, but you always seem mad."
"Well it's your own fault!"

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