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Dragon Blog Remastered???

Sorry gang-

I wasn't able to update for most of the weekend. I got in an argument with a bottle of Vodka on Saturday and spent the greater part of Sunday and Monday recovering. I'm planning to update twice as often for a few days, so I don't get too far behind. But until then, I have a special pseudo-update. Having just received my "Dragon Ball Movie Complete Collection DVD (Hyb) Remastered" on Saturday, I've decided to retake all the screenshots for my blog entries for The Legend of Shen Long and The Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle.

First, for DB Movie 2, the reason is pretty obvious...

Looks a lot better, doesn't it?

For DB Movie 1, it's less to do with the copy of the movie I used, and more to do with mine lack of understanding of anamorphic widescreen.

I'm honestly surprised no one called me out on it before. But there it is! DBlog Remastered! Enjoy it!

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