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Banners of the past, Dragon Blog edition

As you may have noticed if you've been following the blog for a time, I frequently change the banner depending on the part of the story I'm in. I hadn't intended to do this initially, originally thinking I'd only change the banner for every TV series (kid Goku for Dragon Ball, adult Goku for DBZ, kid Goku again for DBGT, and adult Goku again for DBKai)... but since I've changed it more-or-less every Saga, I figured I throw them up in collections based on every TV series. So here it is, all the banners I used while watching and reviewing Dragon Ball.

Basic Goku with the "Kame" kanji and a Four-Star Ball, which I used for the Pilaf Saga.

For the 21st Tenka-ichi Budokai Saga, I remixed the original banner by adding in Jackie Chun and Kuririn.

 This banner was used for the first half of the Red Ribbon Army Saga, but I wasn't happy with it, which...

 ...eventually led to the creation of this banner. Looking back, I wish I'd made a banner with the Muscle Tower cast, then premiered Blue and Tao. But there you go.

Brought back Kuririn, and added Uranai Baba for her Saga, and Gohan for good measure.

Swapped out the old vector art for Toriyama illustrations of Goku and Tenshinhan. The site always looked really good with this banner, to me. For the Tenshinhan Saga, obviously.

For the first half of the Piccolo Daimao Saga, the Demon Lord himself. Took away the "Kame" kanji for Piccolo's "Ma" kanji, and removed Goku until he made his big return...

For the climax of the Piccolo Daimao Saga, I added Ten and Goku, making Goku the obvious star. I quite like this banner.

Used one of my favorite Toriyama illustrations for the Piccolo Jr. Saga banner. I think this is my favorite banner, though I did miss having the kanji.

Not crazy about this banner - I should have picked one Goku, removed the other, and put the kanji back on the left hand side. But I only used this banner for the Goku and Chichi mini arc, plus the last handful of movie reviews... so I let it go.

And now I've evolved the site to Dragon Blog Z, so expect even more fun banners in the future. I'd like to thank the guys at http://tekilazo.deviantart.com/ for all their great vector art, which I steal use in good health. Keep up the awesome work.

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