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Bonus Content! Shi-no-screencaps

I have a lot of extra screencaps this time. I wanted to wait to unleash all the caps from Mystical Adventure for the rest of the DB movies to get blogged. As I result, the Piccolo Jr. Saga plus five DB movies ended up being pretty huge. I've decided to divide it into two different posts. For this round of Bonus Content, the extra shots I got from the Piccolo Jr. Saga (and a few shots from earlier Sagas).

Goku laughs at Bulma.
From episode 2.

Yamcha assures Chichi.
From episode 7.

Goku is pretty stuffed.
From episode 104.

 Sexy Lunch watches Tenshinhan train.
 Bulma watches the Dragon Balls scatter.

 Goku isn't meditating; he's fallen asleep.

 Master Mutaito-sama
 Goku, Mutaitio, and young Roshi.
 Young Tsuru Sen'nin

 Yamcha gets an idea.
 Piccolo Jr.
 Goku plays hide n seek.
 Textless B-Team

18 year old Goku
19 year old Kuririn
Goku relaxing
Tenshinhan coloration error, frame 1
Tenshinhan coloration error, frame 2
Kame Sen'nin pupils reunited.
From episode 133.

Goku, Yamcha, and Kuririn watch Ten vs Tao.
From episode 136.

Goku watches Shen, aka Kami-sama
Piccolo watches Goku vs Tenshinhan
From episode 139.

Kuririn is surprised by Goku's strength.
Goku uses the Taiyoken.
Goku launches at Tenshinhan.
From episode 141.

The gang watch Shen vs Piccolo
From episode 142.

Mr. A learns Piccolo's true identity.
From episode 145.

Giant Piccolo grinning.
From episode 146.

Gyumao's pool is in the shape of his old helmet.
From episode 149.

Shy Chichi.
From episode 151.

Goku and Chichi inside Mt. Gogyo.
Chichi meets Gohan.
From episode 152.

Goku, Chichi, and Son Gohan.
From episode 153.

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