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Dragon Ball drinking game

How it’s played: Turn on Dragon Ball (or DBZ/GT if you fancy) in Japanese, and wait for the following things to happen - when they do, take a shot. (And be the legal age of alcohol consumption in your region, and always chase your shot with water.)

  • Goku says “Ossu!”
  • Muten Roshi says “Pafu Pafu” or “Pichi pichi gal”
  • Chaozu says “Ten-san!” (prepare to have your liver ruined by this one)
  • Daisuke Gori or Joji Yanami speak for the first time as one of their hundreds of characters in an episode. (i.e. Narrator speaks, take a shot for only the first time. But if Joji comes back as Dr. Brief, take another shot. etc.)
  • Goku calls Kinto Un.
  • A Kamehameha is used.
  • A villain shouts for a hero to “DIE!” (Two shots if that hero is Goku)
  • Tao Pai Pai flying on a pillar.
  • Kuririn mentions girls or a desire to be married.
  • Yamcha loses a fight.
  • Yamcha wins a fight. (Two shots)
  • Girls panties are mentioned or shown.
  • Alcohol or alcohol container appears on screen.
  • Someone transforms into an Oozaru.
  • A hyped up opponent is defeated easily.
  • Chaozu and Tenshinhan cling to each other.
  • Lunch tries to flirt with Tenshinhan.
  • Chichi is exasperated or angry with Goku.
  • Gohan is embarrassed.
  • Goku loses his shirt. (or half his shirt, in the case of his fight against Piccolo Daimao.)
  • Anyone calls Goku “Kakarotto”.
  • Anyone calls Goku by his surname, “Son” (or Son-kun, in the case of Bulma’s pet name for him.)
  • Vegeta is angry.
  • Piccolo saves Gohan.
  • Kuririn saves Gohan. (Two shots)
  • A Genki Dama is thrown.
  • A Scouter or multiple scouters in rapid succession are destroyed.
  • Any mention of Cell’s “Perfect Form”.
  • Buu absorbs someone. (Two shots for Piccolo and Gotenks)

And now go to the hospital, because you have liver failure!

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