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Dragon Ball ep 137 - Son Goku's Wedding

The mysterious girl, Anonymous, is not at all pleased with Son Goku. Before Mr. Announcerman can finish his sentence to start their match, she flies at Goku, launching into a flurry of kicks and punches!!

"I've been waiting this whole time!" She bellows at him.
"Waiting? For what?" Goku looks blank as he dodges her onslaught.
"Did you forget your promise too?!"
"Promise? I promised you something?"
"That's right!"

From the crowd, Kuririn, Yamcha, Bulma, Lunch, and Puar are all amazed at what's happening in the ring. Muten Roshi is doubly surprised, as the girl's fighting style is the same as his own Kame Sen'nin style! Oolong is the only one who seems to have figured it out, and grins smugly as he tells the others that they all know this girl as well.

 "What did I promise you?" 
Goku asks as they take a pause from fighting.
 "You still can't remember?! In that case, I'll tell you! You promised me that you would make me your bride!!"
 "Hey, Kuririn! What's a bride?!"
"You moron! Making a girl your bride means you're going to marry her!" Kuririn answers.
Yamcha adds, "It means you become husband and wife and live together!"
"You jerk! When did you promise to marry such a cute girl?! It isn't fair! You get everything!"
 "I promised you that?! Who exactly are you? Please, tell me!"
 "Alright, I'll tell you! But only if you beat me!"
"Really?! That's great! I thought I was going to have to live the rest of my life with someone whose name I don't even know!"

So Goku pulls back his fist...
...and punches the air so hard, it sends a shock wave!

The girl is knocked from the ring. Son Goku wins!! Watching from his perch atop the Tenka-ichi Stadium, Piccolo is impressed - that's the sort of technique the Demon Clan use. Goku walks to the ring's edge to make sure the girl is alright - and to learn her name. "So what's your name?" 

 "You still don't know? I'm the Gyumao's daughter, Chichi!"
"...she felt now that she had been kicked there, her only choice was to become this boy's wife!"
"NOW I REMEMBER! I did! I did tell you that I'd come and make you my bride!"

 "Now I remember... but I always thought a bride was some sort of food!"
 "So then... what about the promise?"
 "But, well, I did make you a promise!"
 "So, want to get married?"

Mr. A shouts in approval as the crowd bursts into applause and cheers! The Tenka-ichi Budokai stage has become a wedding hall!! Though Goku still isn't sure what to make of Chichi's affections, a promise is a promise!

Backstage, Chichi starts talking about the sort of ideal child they will raise, and how she wants a house built out of dried cow dung. Goku thinks worrying about this much new stuff is tough, but Chichi says that a happy marriage is tough! As Goku's friends join him backstage, she introduces herself to them as Goku's wife, and apologizes to Yamcha that she is now spoken for -- recalling his "confession of love" to her way back from when he knocked her out, then got scared she'd tell her dad. He tries to explain to Bulma that he had no idea she'd grow up to be so cute, but that only gets him in more shit.

("I'll show him!" Bulma thinks. "I'll marry a short, balding mass murderer with an inferiority complex!")

In the end, Chichi dashes off to get pots and pans to prepare Goku a celebratory feast. As she leaves, Goku warns Kuririn about his opponent, Ma Junior; Don't waste time at the beginning of the match.

"Dangerous-looking bastard..." Kuririn mutters.
"Small fry." Ma Junior smirks.
"Small fry?!"

Kuririn heeds Goku's advice, and launches two ki blasts right at Ma Junior from the get go!

Though Junior dodges, the blasts follow him at Kuririn's command!
Distracted by Kuririn's ki, Junior leaves himself open to a solid wallop by Kuririn!!

The two fighters land in the ring, and Kuririn is aware his hit did little damage to the powerful Ma Junior.

Kuririn rushes Junior again...!
Kuririn launches into a flurry of punches, blocked just barely by Jr.!
 Finally catching an opening, Junior kicks Kuririn in the chin!!
The match looks to be over, with Kuririn flying directly outside the ring!
But Kuririn catches himself with... Bukujutsu!!

Even Tenshinhan is impressed, wondering when Kuririn taught himself that technique!

The two fighters land in the ring...
"Let me show you a little as an apology for calling you a small fry."
"Show me a little of what?!"
"The true strength of I, Ma Junior-sama!"
"Your true strength, eh? Sounds interesting."

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