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Dragon Ball ep 138 - Shen- Man of Mystery

After Kuririn showed him that he's not to be underestimated, Ma Junior (Piccolo's pseudonym) has promised to show our hero a little of his true power. Unknown to all but Goku and Tenshinhan, this is the power of Piccolo Daimao... though Kuririn, Yamcha, Muten Roshi, and even Bulma and the others can tell it's not a power to be trifled with...

Ma Junior throws his arm at Kuririn...
 ... and it stretches out monstrously! 
 Grasping Kuririn, Ma Junior drags him across the ring...
 ...giving him a powerful punch to the face, which sends Kuririn flying!!

Kuririn is launched toward the ring's wall, and midair...
 ...he regains composure and uses the wall to propel himself back at Jr!

Ma Junior reacts quickly, falling onto his hands to give Kuririn a powerful kick! Kuririn flies far into the air, but uses Bukujutsu to stop himself. Knowing he can't keep up with the powered up Ma Junior in hand-to-hand combat, Kuririn prepares one final attack... a Kamehameha!!

As Ma Junior leaps in the air to finish off our hero, he fires...!!!

But it's no good!! Though the Kamehameha is several times more explosive than what Kuririn could manage three years ago, Ma Junior used a Zanzoken to fool Kuririn into launching it too soon, narrowly escaping the blast!

 "Almost had me there!"

Ma Junior bawls his hands into a single fist, then smashes Kuririn in the back of his head... launching Kuririn like a rocket back down to the arena floor...!

"I went to far and wound up killing him unintentionally... Does this mean my enjoyment of the game ends here?" Piccolo postulates over Kuririn's lifeless body.

 That is, until Kuririn stands back up...!
"Nope, no good. I give up..." 

Ma Junior wins!!

Goku runs onto the ring to help Kuririn up.
 "You were really awesome out there, Kuririn! You really upped your skills! You surprised me!"
Kuririn smiles, "It didn't help me though, I still lost..."
"You have become a truly magnificent martial artist, Kuririn." 
Muten Roshi says, both proud and nostalgic.

While everyone else celebrates, Piccolo feels uneasy...
"I somehow get the feeling it won't be so easy for me to conquer the world..."

The fourth match of the 23rd Tenka-ichi Budokai prepares to get underway. This time, it's between Shen, the seemingly normal middle aged man, and Yamcha, former desert bandit, Kame Sen'nin pupil, and chronic loser of first rounds at the Tenka-ichi Budokai. Kuririn thinks he's lucky, being up against a pushover like Shen. Yamcha chuckles and apologizes to Kuririn, then says he'll go get this over with soon.

This is Yamcha's year, baby. The year of the wolf.

Even Puar and Bulma, cheering from the crowd, know that their man Yamcha has this Budokai in the bag. He's been training hard for three years, understands how Ma Junior, Goku, and Tenshinhan all fight, defeated a volcano, and acquired some bad ass scars. Truly, all good omens for Yamcha. The year of the wolf...!!

Yajirobe doesn't think it'll be quite that easy...
But what does he know? Does he have bad ass scars?? HM???

They take stance...
'What kinda stance is that?' Yamcha bites back laughter.
"I don't mind. Please, by all means, have the first attack."
Yamcha's so cool, he's offering the old guy the chance to lose gracefully.
What a gentleman! 

"Oh, really? Thank you." Shen smiles.
"Think nothing of it." Yamcha says.

 Shen begins by dancing around Yamcha, as if doing aerobics. 
 Then he attacks, and Yamcha easily dodges.
Shen trips and falls over... 
 ...but his flailing legs give Yamcha a solid kick to the abdomen! 
A really solid kick.

Mr. Announcerman and the crowd erupt into laughter. Yamcha tries to brush off his intense embarrassment by acting casual. THIS IS HIS YEAR. YEAR OF THE WOLF! That kid who lost to Goku, Jackie Chun, Mummy-kun, and Tenshinhan is in the past! Yamcha is reborn!! Time to end this match quickly!!

Yamcha is down, with a pair of very sore balls. Since it didn't happen on purpose (as Shen was merely ducking Yamcha's kick) Mr. A graciously says there will be no count. As Yamcha regains his composure, Mr. A calls for the crowd to give Yamcha a round of applause. This doesn't make him feel better.

But from the spectators, Goku and Muten Roshi have both guessed that there is more to Shen than meets the eye...

"Listen, I will likely be winning this match anyway, but beating you like this won't make me happy." Shen says politely.
"It sounds like you're really confident about winning this match. You honestly think you can beat me?!"
"Yes, I do."
"Funny. In that case, I'll fight against you with the same attitude."
"Of course! Please do!"

"What the...?!"
"You made the mistake of judging me by the way I spoke and acted. As a result, you didn't notice my true self or my subtle movements. Your eyes are finally opened, correct? Listen closely. I'm telling you this because you possess a spectacular character."
"I see... you're exactly right. My eyes are open now."
"I'm glad to hear it!"
"But I don't agree with your way of doing things! To be honest, I think you're a sick freak! So now I have to beat you no matter what the cost!"
"No, no, that will not do... I must win, you see."

"That isn't good enough." Shen says casually.
"You weren't paying attention to where you were stepping."

Maybe next year, Yamcha.

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