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Dragon Ball ep 139 - Another Intense Battle! Goku vs Tenshinhan

Yamcha cannot keep up with Shen, no matter how hard he tries. According to Shen, he makes too many unnecessary movements. Yamcha smirks, remarking how Shen is dealing with him like a small child. Shen doesn't want Yamcha to be disheartened, as he does regard him as very strong -- but Shen is simply stronger.

 "This is just between you and me, but I'm not really human!"
"I sure wasn't expecting you to say something like that... Don't tell me you're some sort of space alien or something..." 
"Maybe, maybe not."

Shen goes on to explain how he has borrowed this human's body for awhile, but that he can't go into more detail than that. Yamcha doesn't really care, thinking the old guy is just talking nonsense. Regrettably, he knows that he'll need to use the special technique he'd been saving for later matches.

"Thanks for all the advice. It's given me a lot of food for thought."
Yamcha begins to concentrate his ki...
 "But in the end, I will be the one who wins!"
"You ready? Sokidan!!"
A direct hit...!!

No one can believe what an awesome technique the Sokidan is! (Especially since it's Yamcha's...) Though Shen managed to dodge it for a time (just barely), when it crashed into the ring, Yamcha sprung it out from under Shen -- nailing him in the face!! Yamcha, maybe this is your year after all?!

Shen wins!!

Well, maybe next Budokai, Yamcha.
(Unless you retire from fighting or something by then.)

Goku wonders about Shen... Shen... Shen Long!! That's when it arrives at Goku who Shen's true identity must be...!!


The two fighters leave the ring together.
 "I lost. It was a complete defeat!"
"It was nothing of the sort!"

The crowd enthusiastically applaud both contestants. "Please, is there any chance you can tell me who you really are?" Yamcha asks Shen. "Don't worry, you'll find out soon enough!" Shen winks at Goku. Now that the first four matches have been fought, the 23rd Tenka-ichi Budokai Semi-Finals begin! And the first match in the Semi-finals is a rematch from the 22nd Tenka-ichi Budokai final; Son Goku vs Tenshinhan!!

"Oh my, you're sweating so much!" Chichi dotes on Goku.
"Stop, Chichi! That tickles!"
(Above: Chichi tries to reach first base with her husband.)

Last time they fought as bitter rivals. This time they fight as bros.

Goku and Tenshinhan launch at each other, locking into combat. Tenshinhan throws a flurry of punches at Goku, who dodges them quicker than lightning! Then Goku leaps high into the air, and Ten jumps after him!!

The two fighters melee in midair, exchanging blow after blow with one another, until they finally land on the ring surface. As they do, they jump at each other again -- but to everyone but Kuririn, Yamcha, and Piccolo, they completely disappear!! The sounds of their high speed battle crackle over the apparently empty ring, bending all known laws of physics.

Once the two reappear, they lock themselves in a struggle of pure brute strength.

A struggle which Goku wins by tipping himself back and kicking Ten high into the air!!

 Ten lands and leaps at Goku, rushing him at high speeds...
...but Goku jumps over him easily!!

Tenshinhan turns around and darts for Goku, throwing his elbow at him... but as it connects, Goku's after image disappears... the Zanzoken technique! "You fell for the oldest trick in the book!" Goku chuckles, appearing a distance away from Tenshinhan. Ten smiles, breathing heavily. Goku is hardly breathing at all. The difference in their skill in only noticed by Muten Roshi, as the audience and Mr. Announcerman are baffled by their high speed battle!!

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