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Dragon Ball ep 140 - True Strength

The 23rd Tenka-ichi Budokai's semi-final match between Son Goku and Tenshinhan continues, as the two fighters dash across the ring, trading high speed blows. Goku knocks Tenshinhan into one of the ring's walls, shattering it. Ten recovers, then retaliates by headbutting Goku into the other wall. The two launch at one another again, and become locked in a grapple struggle. Their very ki emanates off of them, as an aura. As Goku shows signs of gaining the advantage in the grapple, Ten lets out a mighty kiai -- bursting their auras apart, and wrenching Goku from Tenshinhan!

"You never cease to amaze me, Son. Your strength three years ago was truly flawless! I'm completely astonished that you would surpass even that!"
"Tenshinhan, you're the one who grew a lot stronger! You've got amazing power!"

"Yet, there is one thing about you that hasn't changed over the past three years." Ten continues. "And it's an absolute necessity when it comes to fighting... I'm talking about your speed!!"

Tenshinhan jets away from Goku, then leaps high into the air, disappearing from view. Goku jumps after him, looking for him among the clouds.

 Goku kicks out at Ten, but he dodges in a Zanzoken flash!
"You've got good eyes, Son! I'm impressed you're able to see my movements despite my extreme speed! But...! Keeping up with me with your eyes alone won't do you any good!"

Goku falls back to the earth, with Ten gracefully following. Goku catches himself with his hands just in time to for Tenshinhan to unleash a furious assault. Tenshinhan's superior speed has Goku on the figurative ropes, with our hero being able to do little more than dodge his rival's lightning quick attacks! Goku is nearly kicked out of the ring, but saves himself by spinning so quickly that he breaks every known law of physics to propel himself back into the ring.

"Time out for a sec! Hold on while I take off some clothes, Tenshinhan."

It turns out that Goku's undershirt, wristguards, and boots weigh a grand total of 250lbs (as Goku is only 5'9", that's probably a good deal more than his own body weight.)

Tenshinhan, Yamcha, and Kuririn can hardly believe it...

With all his weighted clothing removed, Goku reenters the battle -- quicker than lightning!!

"Too bad, Goku. You are indeed a little faster than before, but you can't escape my eyes! I can see everything you do!"
"I wouldn't be too sure about that! What might this be?"
"I-impossible! T-that's impossible! That's my belt?! "
Tenshinhan, thinking, 'How and when did he do that?! Not even MY eyes caught him doing that!'
"Hmhm. I admit my mistake. I never expected you to improve this much. But I won't give up the fight just because of something like this! It simply means I'll have to use my trump card a little sooner than I anticipated. My special attack, that is!"
"That's fine, but you can have this back now!" Goku hands back Ten's belt.
"A-anyway, it's a really powerful attack!"

Though his three eyes cannot keep up with Son Goku, Tenshinhan promises his new technique will give him 12 eyes... and no blind spots!!

What kind of new power does Tenshinhan have in store for Goku?!

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