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Dragon Ball ep 141 - Four Tenshinhans

Tenshinhan promised to show Son Goku his new technique - and with it, win their match at the 23rd Tenka-ichi Budokai. Despite Goku's superior speed and strength, Ten says that with his new power, he'll have 12 eyes and no blindspots... making it impossible for Goku to evade him! Tenshinhan focuses his ki, and then splits into two different Tens!! "It's still too early to be surprised." Tenshinhan smirks, as those two separate fighters then split into two, totaling four different Tenshinhans!!

The Shishin-no-ken (Four Forms Technique) is not an illusion like the Zanzoken.

"I had no idea Tenshinhan was actually quadruplets!"
(The Shishin-no-ken, once explained to Lunch, would go onto become her favorite masturbatory fantasy.)

Goku is amazed by Ten's Shishin-no-ken, hardly believing just how awesome he's gotten in the last three years. Tenshinhan apologizes, saying that he's won this match -- and then the four Tenshinhans launch a coordinated assault on Goku! But despite their throwing him around like a rag-doll, Goku manages to keep getting up, seemingly unphased. And as they launch a third assault on him, he Zanzokens out of sight...

Reappearing in time to knock down all four Tenshinhans!

Seeing no other way for it, the four Tenshinhans run to the corners of the ring.

They each charge they ki...
 ...firing off powerful ki blasts at Goku!
 Though Goku dodges by jumping into the clouds, Ten anticipated this in his strategy! All four Tenshinhans shoot concentrated ki beams out of their third eyes...
...blowing our hero out of the sky!!!

Chichi tries to leap into the ring after an unconscious Goku crashes onto it... but Yamcha grabs hold of her arm and attempts to calm her. As Yamcha tells her Goku hasn't lost yet, Goku bounces back up, chuckling. "I have to admit, that did hurt a little bit..."

Muten Roshi isn't shocked in the least...
"I was right. Despite being hit by such a powerful attack, Goku isn't breathing hard in the least! The most frightening thing about the current Goku is neither his speed nor his power. It's his newly acquired extraordinary toughness!"

Tenshinhan is surprised by how casual Goku is, insisting that another direct hit from his four way ki attack would finish him off. But Goku isn't worried about it -- he's found two weaknesses in Tenshinhan's strategy, so he won't get hit by it a second time. Taking him up on it, the four Tenshinhans dash to the corners of the ring, each charging their ki as before, and launching ki blasts at Goku. Once again, Goku dodges these by jumping into the sky. The four Tenshinhans lift their heads to shoot the ki beams at the fleeing Goku. This is where Goku finds Ten's first weakness...

"Sorry, but I'm gonna use your technique!"
(Solar Attack)

Utilizing Tenshinhan's own Taiyoken from the 22nd Tenka-ichi Budokai, Goku blinds all four Tenshinhans!

"That's weak point #1. You have too many eyes!" Goku smiles.
"I never expected you to have mastered the Taiyoken!" Says Ten.
"Too many eyes means that's all you use to see your opponents! So when you can't see with them, you can hardly tell what I'm doing at all!"
"I see. But being able to see with eyes is only natural! The same must go for you!"
"The two behind me are aiming for me! One is about to give a right chop, and the other is about to give a right roundhouse kick."
"How?! How can you tell?!
"I did all kinds of training, you see..."

"Your second weak point is your fatal flaw, Tenshinhan!!"
Son Goku wins!!

Goku explains that, while turning into four fighters is an awesome strategy, in order to do so Tenshinhan had to split his power into four people -- meaning his strength, defense, and speed were all at 1/4th their normal amount!

Tenshinhan smiles, impressed that Goku saw through that.

"Goku is so amazing!" Chichi squeals happily.

But the real battle has yet to begin...!!

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