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Dragon Ball ep 142 - Who's Stronger?! Kami vs Piccolo Daimao

The 23rd Tenka-ichi Budokai continues, with Son Goku advancing to the Final. His new wife Chichi clings happily to his arm, praising his strength. (Her displays of affection still confuse him. Wait until she shows him her mouth hug.) Yamcha and Kuririn congratulate Tenshinhan on such a close match, but Ten shakes his head, frowning... the thing is, the match wasn't close. Goku hadn't even used a Kamehameha...

But there's still one more fight to go -- Shen vs Ma Junior. To the audience, and even Goku's friends, this is simply a match determining who will face Goku in the Final Round. But known to Goku is this match's true contestants... Kami-sama vs Piccolo Daimao.

"Kami-sama." Goku says, approaching his master.
"Son, eh?" Kami looks back at him.
"I didn't realize it was you! Especially looking like that!"
"I have temporarily borrowed a human body."
"I assume you came to defeat Piccolo? Why did you come all the way here to do it yourself, Kami-sama?"
"Because you cannot defeat Piccolo. You cannot eliminate him."
"That isn't true!"
"Son Goku. I spoke to you about it once before. Piccolo and I share mind and body. We were once a single person. And didn't Mr. Popo tell you as well? If you kill Piccolo, I too will die. Mr. Popo and that big mouth of his..."
"Mr. Popo was only worried about you, Kami-sama!"
"Now that you know this fact, I doubt you will be able to defeat Piccolo. I cannot see you making such rational decisions, you see."
"I'll do something without killing him!"
"You should know very well that he is not an opponent you can "just do something" against. He is a seed that I originally sowed. I wish to resolve on my own that which I have brought about."

With that, Kami-sama leaves for the Tenka-ichi ring... ready to fight himself.

 "I'm so sorry." Shen chuckles at the crowd. "I had to use the facilities, you see."
"Despite being even stronger than Yamcha-sama, he sure acts dumb." Puar ponders.
"'A wise man keeps some of his talents in reserve,' is how the saying goes." Says Bulma.
"Just as I do!" Muten Roshi smiles.
"Eh? Ya mean ya ain't just an old pervert?" Say Lunch.

"I'll end this quickly. Unfortunately, you are not the one I'm after. Son Goku is!"
"Upon obliterating Son Goku, who is the only one who stands in your way, you plan to conquer the world yet again, I presume, Piccolo?"
"A futile plan, as usual."
"Why you...! How did you know that...?!"

The fight begins...!!

The audience and our heroes alike are in awe of the battle unfolding... (me too, that's why I can't stop screencaping this episode.) It isn't just that they're fast, but both have an incredible control over their ki. Yamcha, Kuririn, and even Tenshinhan can see that they had no chance against fighters like these. Piccolo himself is surprised that there are other humans as powerful as Son Goku. 

"Damn him...!" Kami gasps, thinking. "I had no idea he had grown this powerful! His power is great, despite his having borrowed the body of a weak human. He must have done a great deal of training on his own, as well."
"Borrow?" Piccolo thinks, confused. "I've borrowed the body of a human, you say?"
"So you have read my mind, Piccolo." Kami says in a strange language.
"Aha! I've finally figured out who you are! That explains why your fighting style resembles mine..." Piccolo responds in the same language.
"What business do you have here in the Lower World, Kami?!"
"Have you just figured it out now, Piccolo Daimao? There is no need to explain why I have come to the Lower World."
"Don't tell me you've come here to get rid of me..."
"I do not need to tell you. You said it yourself!"
"You're going to get rid of me, Piccolo Daimao-sama?! You've gone senile! You and I share mind and body! If you kill me, you will die too!"
"I am fully aware of that, of course... And I doubt you can kill me, correct? You do not wish to die, do you?"
"What?! Don't tell me you're planning on dying?!"
"There is no need to worry. I need not commit suicide. Humans have taught me how to put your evil in check..."

The Daimao Seal
The same seal placed upon Mutaito's Denshi Jar.

The fearsome Mafuba, responsible for sealing Piccolo Daimao away all those years ago, is now unleashed onto Piccolo Jr. by Kami-sama!!
 But Piccolo reverses it...!!!
"He bounced it back!!" Roshi shouts.
"Son! Don't worry if I die or not! Just defeat him!"
 And with that, Kami-sama is sealed away...

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