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Dragon Ball ep 143 - With the Fate of the World in the Balace!

To the audience, Shen has lost the match to Ma Junior by a knock out. Mr. Announcerman wakes up the bemused Shen, informing him he's lost - Shen is confused as to why he's in the middle of the Tenka-ichi Budokai. He leaves, embarrassed, and thinking he must have had too much to drink, as the crowd cheer on "his" performance. But in reality, they had all witnessed something much more horrifying... Piccolo sealing away Kami-sama.

"Out of my way." Sneers Piccolo.
"You. Give me that bottle!"
"Yeah, right. I went through all the trouble to seal away the miserable bastard."
"Give it to me!"
Piccolo swallows the bottle whole.
"So now what? Now you can't get the bottle unless you kill me. But if you kill me, he dies too. What a conundrum!"

There is to be a ten minute wait before the final match of the 23rd Tenka-ichi Budokai takes place, between Son Goku and Piccolo. Kuririn, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Muten Roshi, and Chichi each press Goku as to what just transpired. With some trepidation, Goku explains everything to them...

Long ago, Kami-sama and Piccolo Daimao were once a single person. In order to become Kami, he had to purge himself of all the evil in his heart.
That evil became Piccolo Daimao, the Lord of the Demon Clan.
 Three years ago, when Goku defeated Piccolo Daimao, the Demon Lord unleashed an egg as he final act.
 In that egg he poured his entire essence... and from it, Piccolo was reborn through his son.
 Piccolo's son and reincarnation came to the Tenka-ichi Budokai in order to kill Goku, so that he may once more rule over the world.
 Kami came to the Budokai disguised as Shen, hoping to defeat Piccolo himself. But his plan backfired, and now he is imprisoned at the whim of Piccolo. And if Piccolo is killed, so too shall Kami die.

They are one mind and body.

Their ten minute break over, Son Goku and Piccolo enter the Tenka-ichi ring... and so begins the match which will decide the fate of the whole world!!

After a brutal exchange of blows, Piccolo sends Goku to the ground with a powerful barrage of ki blasts...!! Mr. A begins the count... is this the end of Son Goku?!

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