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Dragon Ball ep 144 - There It Is! The Ultimate Super Kamehameha

Goku is unfazed by Piccolo's ki barrage, lifting himself up from the crater once Piccolo calls him on his shenanigans (Goku pretended to be legitimately knocked out, presumably as a possum strategy.) But now it's a real fight -- Goku's shirt is torn. (For those of you playing along at home, take a shot.)

"Alright, Goku-san! Show him who's boss!" Chichi shouts. "Knock his lights out! Bash him up good!"
"S-she's another Lunch!"

Piccolo agrees to finally take the fight seriously, so long as Goku means to as well.

"I'll admit, you're a really bad person, but you're so strong that I'm excited!"
"Your nonsensical joke sounds more like an expression of gratitude!"
"Maybe so..."

The two fighters begin to focus their ki, auras of raw power emanating off of both. The very stadium around them quakes under the force of their tremendous strength.

After nailing Piccolo in the face, Goku bounces away and disappears! Or he appears to - his ki so suppressed, and his speed so lightning quick, that not even Tenshinhan or Muten Roshi can sense him!

But Piccolo can...!!

Piccolo elbows Goku in the face with such power, our hero is sent flying at the Tenka-ichi wall... smashing into it!! But as Kuririn leans over, frantically searching for the mangled body of his best friend, he realizes Goku isn't there...!!

"Behind ya!"

Piccolo is sent flying from Goku's mighty kick. He catches himself on the ring floor, then leaps into the air and levitates above Goku and the crowd using Bukujutsu. He is not happy.

"You will pay for shedding the blood of a member of the great Demon Clan!! I'll blast you into pieces even if it means destroying the stadium in the process!"

Goku bellows for everyone to leave the stadium quickly -- but nobody moves, transfixed on the unfolding match. Seeing no other way for it, Goku leaps into the air, so that Piccolo will direct his massive ki attack at him, and not the stadium!!

With no way to dodge, Goku uses a Kiai to bounce himself away from the heavy blast as it approaches him. Successful, the blast flies off into the mountains without Goku as a part of it... blowing up the mountains in the process!! In retaliation for Piccolo's attempted murder of the entire Tenka-ichi Stadium, Goku prepares his ultimate attack... the Super Kamehameha

"Kame... hame..."

But before Goku can finish, Muten Roshi interrupts him!! "If you succeed in killing him, Kami will die too!" "T-that's right!" Goku curses. Piccolo laughs, taunting Goku from high above. 

"Your greatest weakness is that you can't be cold-hearted! You can't attack me at full power as long as you're worried about Kami! But I can do anything I want!! I'm completely uninhibited! This is what makes evil so great!"

"He knows the score, alright..."
(You aren't helping, Lunch.)

Piccolo begins to gather his ki for another giant blast, giving Goku his final example as to why evil is superior to soft-heartedness. Piccolo means to destroy the Stadium and Goku in a final, full powered attack. Goku is utterly helpless to do anything... Until Kuririn reminds him about the Dragon Balls! Shen Long can always bring Kami-sama back to life!! Which means Goku can use his Super Kamehameha after all...!!!

Piccolo cackles. "Sorry to break it to ya, but Shen Long died three years ago! Time to die!"
"Shen Long came back to life!!"
 "W-what?! He reflected it back?!"

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