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Dragon Ball ep 146 - Son Goku's Trap

"I doubt you can pick up my finger, now! So what will you do?!"
"You fell for it! I've been waiting for this moment!"

Piccolo has grown so large that Goku doesn't even reach the top of his feet. But Goku is hardly afraid; indeed, this was the opening he was hoping for... (literally)

Goku propels himself into Piccolo's throat, and begins to beat down on his delicate innards!! Choking and in intense pain, Piccolo struggles to hack up Goku - spitting him back out onto the Tenka-ichi Budokai ring. But Goku hasn't left empty handed.

 "Tenshinhan, catch!!"

Goku throws Tenshinhan the bottle containing the sealed away Kami-sama! Ten pops the cork, and from the Daimao Seal-bearing bottle comes God himself!

Bulma freaks out at the appearance of a second Piccolo Daimao, but Ten, Kuririn, and Muten Roshi begin to address him and explain how Goku used a brilliant strategy to free him from Piccolo's gullet. Kami is surprised. Piccolo is not happy.

 "Oh? Turning back to normal now?"
"S-shut up!"

 Furiously, Piccolo launches at Son Goku.
 The two quickly take their battle into the air, where they exchange devastating blow for devastating blow.
 Until at last, Piccolo knocks Goku out of the air.

 "Ka... me... ha... me..."
Goku counters with a Feet Kamehameha!!

Piccolo retaliates by shocking Goku with electrical ki charged in his antennas, which sends our hero falling once more to the ring floor. Piccolo lands, dashing toward Goku with his fist balled and ready to strike the final blow on his rival...

But Kami-sama puts himself between them...!!
"That is enough, Piccolo. Goku, I will assist you! We will defeat him together!" Says Kami.
"Don't be stupid, Kami-sama!!!" Bellows Goku.
"What? What did you just say?!"
"Our match still hasn't come to a conclusion yet! Stay out of this, it was just getting good!"
"T-the match, you say?!"
"He's still talkin' about the match!" Kuririn laments. "The world's in big trouble if we don't defeat Piccolo, you know!"
Muten Roshi chuckles. "That's Goku for you. It would seem the world isn't particularly important in his eyes. Beating opponents who are strong enough to excite him is all he wants."

As penance for the punch Kami blocked, Goku gives Piccolo a free punch, demanding he hit him as hard as he can. Piccolo happily obliges... knocking Goku far into the Tenka-ichi ring's wall. Goku grins as he gets back up, with the fighters once again on "even" grounds. "He's stupidly honest..." Kuririn sighs. "That's what's so great about Goku!" Roshi beams.

"Son Goku! Stop with this pretense of fighting for the sake of the match! We may well live to regret it if the two of us do not defeat him now!" Kami-sama pleas.
"I'd regret it even more if I did that. I'm sorry, but hear me out. This is about the pride of being a martial artist!"

Tenshinhan implores Kami too, citing that Goku has saved the world once before... and he can do it again. At long last, Kami relents. But in exchange, Goku must promise to put an end to Piccolo's life, then bring Kami back with the Dragon Balls. Goku assures Kami that this won't be a problem. With that, Kami leaves the ring...

'Son Goku, eh...? What a completely mystifying person he is... His strength knows no end! Each time he battles a powerful opponent he grows ever stronger! His strength had grown far beyond my own before I had even realized it. He indeed may be able to win.'

Furious at the gull of Goku, to suggest that he could defeat him, Piccolo angrily fires off a ki blast that - try as Goku might to dodge it - follows our hero around!! So Goku does what he does best...

 He improvises.

Piccolo is caught in his own attack. His left arm takes the brunt of the explosion, becoming mangled and utterly useless as a result. With nothing else for it, Piccolo rips off his own arm and tosses it aside.

(Piccolo gives no fucks. And has no bones.)

Then, lizard-like, Piccolo grows back his arm!!

Boiling with rage, Piccolo says he'll be using his last resort...!! Focusing his incredible ki, Piccolo prepares to unleash his power on everything around him in a final, desperate attack. Goku realizes what he's doing, and shouts for everyone to run away - but they just stand around, slack jawed.

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