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Dragon Ball ep 147 - Grim Situation!!

Piccolo is gathering all of his ki for his last resort, the Super Bakurikimaha. Goku shouts for everyone to leave Papaya Island, and quickly. He's never felt a ki as terrifying as Piccolo's in this moment. Kami-sama begs for Goku to come along with them, but he refuses -- the match isn't over, so he'll withstand it! Tenshinhan uses a Kikoho to blast a hole in the ground so that everyone can take shelter. Chichi desperately doesn't want to leave Goku, so Yamcha has to lead her away from her new husband.

Lunch does a little escorting of her own.
"Hey! I don't care if ya are Kami-sama, ya better hurry up an' get in this hole or else!"

(Taken out of context, that quote is pretty sexy.)

Piccolo cackles, "You can regret your mistakes when you get to Hell!"

"It's over."
 "Goku!!" Kuririn shouts happily, looking up from the rubble.
"W-what do you think? Looks like I managed to withstand it!"

And now, it's Goku's turn...
 "Ka... me... ha... me..."

The dust clears, and Piccolo is down for the count.

Goku calls over Mr. Announcerman, and requests he begin the count. Mr. A has to ask if Piccolo is dead, but as Kami-sama still lives, Goku and Kami assure him that Piccolo is alive. So Mr. A begins the count, and all of Goku's friends happily join in. An absurd end to such a powerful match up.

"One, two, three, four..."
 "...five, six, seven, eight, nine..."

"You really put me through a lot of trouble. I'm impressed. But unfortunately, this is the end. Piccolo Daimao will avenge Piccolo Daimao!"
 Enraged, the B-Team rush in to save Goku.
 "Damn you...!!" Kuririn bellows.
 "Stay out of this!"
"I have no problem killing you now if you'd like to die first!"

But as Piccolo distracts himself keeping Kuririn, Tenshinhan, and Yamcha away from the battle field, Son Goku manages to get back up on his feet.

 "I lucked out... Looks like it didn't hit anything vital."
 "W-what?! You little..."
 Goku chuckles. "This fight... isn't over yet!"

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