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Dragon Ball ep 149 - The Wedding Dress Inside the Flames

"Chichi! Old man Gyumao's castle is up ahead, right?"
"Goku-sa, don't call him 'old man'! From now on my dad is your dad too!"
"How come?"
"That's what happens when people get married!"
"So old man Gyumao's gonna be my dad? How weird... Getting married sure is strange!"

Goku and Chichi ride Kinto Un to Mt. Frypan after a long, long day at the 23rd Tenka-ichi Budokai. The peaceful village of Frypan has recovered from its invasion of the Red Ribbon Army and being blown up by Kame Sen'nin all those years ago. Gyumao (Chichi's old man, if you have a very short memory) is pleased to see Goku, and doubly pleased that he, the grandson of his best friend Son Gohan, will now be his Son-in-law!

"You're Son Gohan's boy, all right!" Gyumao says cheerfully. "Not just anyone can eat like this!"
"Chichi! He's a son-in-law with both great skill and a great stomach! Nothing could make me any happier!"

But Gyumao insists they need a real wedding ceremony!! Goku doesn't care either way, but Chichi thinks it would be far too embarrassing. That is, until Gyumao shows her the dress...

Gyumao gives his only child the dress her mother wore when they were married, years ago. With it in her possession, she agrees to a fabulous ceremony - the type only Gyumao can throw!! He calls the villagers in to help him prepare for his daughter's wedding.

That's when Mt. Frypan bursts into flames. Again. Gyumao rushes into the flame to keep Chichi's wedding dress safe, but Goku and Chichi are barred by the explosive fire. They escape the castle, along with the rest of the villagers, and Chichi asks Goku to put out the fire like Kame Sen'nin did all those years ago.... only, y'know, with less blowing it the fuck up.

 Goku uses a weakened Kamehameha for the job.
It doesn't work.

The fire comes back, even after being extinguished by Goku, as if it's some unnatural type of flame. Goku calls for Kinto Un, and tries to save Gyumao by going back into the castle - but the fire blocks him at every turn. He manages to find Gyumao though, and from a window he shouts for Goku to find the Basho Fan!! Only that magical fan which can summon torrents of rainfall can put out these unnatural flames. Only that magical fan with Kame Sen'nin threw away years ago... Bummer.

"It appears that I've caught my first cold in 200 years..." 
Says the miserable Uranai Baba.

Goku and Chichi leave for Uranai Baba's palace in order to have their fortune told; the location of the Basho Fan, particularly. But Baba is quite sick, and only manages to divine an Octagon... in the east. So Goku scoops up Chichi and Baba, hops on Kinto Un, and heads east.

"Hey, Chichi! I don't know if you know, but this guy loves girls' panties!"
"How rude!" says Jasmine, an anthropomorphic pig who isn't Oolong

They come to Octagon Village, location of the famous Basho Hot Springs. Sick as she is, and rumored as they are to be good for your health, Uranai Baba wants to take a dip in the hot springs. Jasmine, a pig who definitely isn't Oolong, and his friend, another pig who isn't Oolong, talk Goku into trying to find the Basho Fan in a village some miles away.... so that they can peep on Chichi's chichis in the hot spring. (But they definitely aren't like Oolong.)

As Chichi is about to undress, the whole village has gathered to see her sweet sweater pups, so of course the walls to the hot springs break under the weight of the peeping pigs. Chichi bellows for Goku, who has made his way back around to Octagon Village, having not seen any sign of the Basho Fan. Thinking he sees it at the bottom of the hot spring, he accidentally pulls the giant drain plug at the bottom of the springs... but they do find their next clue!!

A totem pole, depicting instructions to make a Basho Fan! Though some of the instructions are unclear, Uranai Baba swears she's seen such instructions at her brother's house before!!

So it's off to Kame Sen'nin's again!

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