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Dragon Ball ep 150 - The Magical Fire-Eating Bird

Goku and Chichi arrive at Kame House, hoping to find the instructions needed to create new Basho Fan from scratch, so that they might put out the magic flames engulfing Mt. Frypan. Of course, Muten Roshi hasn't returned home yet, as the Tenka-ichi Budokai only ended a little while ago! But Umigame (Turtle) greets them, and eventually recognizes the grown up Son Goku.

Umigame sorts through Roshi's porn closet (to an immensely embarrassed Chichi's horror) and eventually finds his book with Basho Fan instructions (in a volume titled, "The Turtle Hermit Way"). He reads aloud what they need to create it; the feathers of the magical Fire-Eating Bird, which dwells in the heart of Mt. Kiwi at the southern end of the world.

So it's off to Mt. Kiwi in search of feathers!

 Within Mt. Kiwi, our heroes accidentally wake up a giant lizard beast.
 Of course, our wonder boy comforts the monster back to sleep.

 But some familiar faces have come to Mt. Kiwi in search for the Fire-Eating Bird, for their own diabolical means! It's Shuu and Mai!!
 Shuu proves less adept at calming the beast.

Goku and Chichi navigate the magma laden depths of Mt. Kiwi, finally coming upon a giant egg... covered in computer equipment! There they meet an old scientist, who has been watching after the egg in place of its mother. The mother bird, the last of the Fire-Eating Birds, died when the volcanic mountain erupted 40 years ago, and it was struck by a boulder. The intense heat of Mt. Kiwi has kept the egg miraculously alive, but the scientist isn't sure if it will ever hatch on its own.

Our heroes resolve to make their way back to Uranai Baba when they're joined by some visitors...

Shuu and Mai! And they want that egg!
They don't recognize Goku, and he only vaguely recalls them...

"The man whose face strikes fear in the hearts of even the worst evildoers!" Says Mai.
"Robbery! Tattle-telling! Speeding! Blackmail! Stealing other people's food!" Adds Shuu.
"He'll do anything if it's for money!" 
"His name: Mister Pilaf Daimao!"

When the old scientist refuses the hand the egg over to Pilaf Co., they devise a dastardly plan...! They ask Chichi to come over... then take her as their hostage...!! ...Chichi isn't impressed, however.

"Wow! What a cute hat! You look like a baby!"
Five years later...
(I know it's filler, but I'm taking Chichi's fashion inspiration as canon.)

Goku isn't worried at all about his new wife in their possession, having finally remembered who they are. They ask her who he is, and when she tells them Son Goku, they freak out just a bit... but they needn't be worried about him.

Then Goku destroys their latest Pilaf Machine with a single punch. After that, Pilaf Co. make a strategic retreat, once again defeated by Goku.

That's when the volcano begins to tremble and erupt once again - and the Fire-Eating Bird's mother returns, very much alive, after 40 years! She hatches her baby (Apparently they need the aid of their mother's beak to hatch. This scientist isn't very good at his job.) and takes off from the volcano, with Goku, Chichi, and the scientist following behind them. (Goku uses a Kamehameha to aid their escape.) As they fly away, Goku and Chichi reach for the feathers only to have them evaporate at their touch... it turns out Basho Fans aren't made from the feathers of a Fire-Eating Bird!

"I was drunk when I wrote that crap!"

But the old scientist believes he's heard the Basho Fan was once located in the north, at a place called Ice Mountain! So with another lead, Goku and Chichi leave on Kinto Un for the north...!!

Pilaf Co. listen in, planning nothing good, no doubt!

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