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Dragon Ball ep 151 - All Thanks to Chichi's Wife Training

I hope her wife training includes Vaseline and a banana.

Goku and Chichi come to Ice Mountain, a mountain so harsh that the Fire-Eating Bird fears it, and they get caught in a terrible blizzard.

 They nearly freeze to death.

They land at the house of a strange old woman, who calls herself the Octagon Woman. Given that Uranai Baba predicted an octagon would be related to the Basho Fan's whereabouts, the newlywed couple are confident in their chances. But it turns out that Ice Mountain is a sexist mountain. No, really. A raging blizzard will only appear on the mountain if a woman attempts to climb it. But the snow on the mountain itself can freeze fire, so Basho Fan or no, Goku leaves on Kinto Un for it.

"Hey, you guys! What're you doing?"

Pilaf, Shuu, and Mai have followed Goku and Chichi to Ice Mountain, hoping to get the Basho Fan themselves. They aren't sure what it is, but if Goku wants it so badly, they imagine it must be more powerful than even the Dragon Balls! They try to fire rockets at Goku, but the flames merely freeze over. Not that Goku doesn't dodge rockets easily anyway...

"Hey. Aren't you a girl?"

Goku explains the curse of the sexist mountain to them. Pilaf doesn't believe him, but for good measure, he trips Mai and sends her Pilaf Machine tumbling down the side of the mountain. The blizzard clears up immediately. Goku examines the snow, then decides the best way to transport it is to make a giant snowball. Of course, as he attempts to take the giant snowball back to Chichi on Kinto Un, the air breaks it apart...

Goku's "solution"? Fly faster.

Meanwhile, the Octagon Woman asks Chichi if she wishes to be a good wife to Goku. Of course she does! So the O.W. offers her "Wife Training"!

Wife Training: The skills every good wife needs.
(I guess I need to re-prioritize my feelings about marriage.)

*Ahem* Seriously though, what is wife training, you ask? 

Fucking cleaning.

(I'll do the goddamn dishes, honey, just do more of that first thing.)

While sweeping the Octagon Woman's garden (i.e. the entire fucking forest), Chichi swipes her dustpan at a rogue bee (O.W. raises bees. There's a scene in the episode about it, but you don't fucking care about some filler character's bees.) and a powerful gust of wind emits from it!! She's found the dustpan, err, Basho Fan!

Chichi shouts for Goku, who is just flying back from his lesson in physics (fly faster = less snow, Goku), and they celebrate the finding out the Basho Fan! Now they can save Gyumao!!

That is, until Pilaf Co. snag it from them...!! Still not knowing exactly what the Basho Fan is, they ask Chichi how to use it. Of course, she tells them to swing it and find out. Shuu does, and the powerful gust sends Mai and Pilaf flying...!! ("It looks like Team Pilaf's blasting off again....!") Shuu drops the Fan and makes another strategic retreat. Octagon Woman gives them the Fan (herself, she found it washed up on shore years ago) and a bottle of her own special Octagon Honey. (From her bees you and I both know don't fucking matter.) Now it's back to Mt. Frypan!!!

But not even the power of the Basho Fan can put out the mysterious flames surrounding Gyumao's castle!!

What now, Son Goku?!

(No, they won't send the bees after it. That would be stupid.)

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