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Dragon Ball ep 152 - Hurry, Goku! The Mystery of Mt. Gogyo

Try as he might, Goku cannot put out the flames surrounding Gyumao's castle, even with the power of the Basho Fan! Just as Chichi is about to give up hope, Uranai Baba arrives - her cold shaken - with a startling revelation!! The flames which threaten to burn Gyumao alive come from the Eightfold Furnace, at the top of Mt. Gogyo, which is exactly on the other side of the world from Mt. Frypan! And the Basho Fan was originally created to fan the fires of the Eightfold Furnace, so it will only build them up stronger...! In order to save Gyumao, they must travel to the Eightfold Furnace and speak to the Pyre Keeper... but Mt. Gogyo is connected to the Other World... the realm of the dead... so they must make it past monsters and demons!

"I'm not quite sure what you're talking about, but let's see him!"
With that our heroes leave, despite Baba's warnings.

Mt. Gogyo

Goku pushes open the giant gate into Mt. Gogyo (pictured above: Goku and Chichi are tiny specks on that picture.) and they enter where Kinto Un cannot follow. They follow the narrow pathway, deadly spikes laden either side of it, until they come upon a chunk missing. As Kinto Un cannot enter, Goku jumps over the gap - quite easily, too. Chichi makes to jump as well, but some bats swoop on her in midair and nearly cause her to land on the spikes! Thankfully, Goku catches her before she falls. (But they'd have been safer if Goku would have used Bukujutsu... y'know... because he can use it now.)

But they aren't out of the proverbial wilderness yet...

The Gogyo Five command our heroes to begone. Goku refuses. 

Goku attacks the Gogyo Five, but despite his incredible speed acquired from training under Kami-sama, they dodge all of his attacks with ease. One attacks him with its sword, but Goku dodges with a Zanzoken. But another appears behind the real Goku, and knocks him into the deadly spikes below!! Goku catches himself on the blunt sides of the spikes, then leaps back onto the pathway. "Guess I'll have to show you my secret weapon!"

 "Kame... hame... haaaa!!"

The Gogyo Five are seemingly destroyed by Goku's Kamehameha. But before Goku and Chichi can breathe easy, their remains become stones, and these stones form into a giant rock monster...!!

 (No I'm not fucking kidding.)
 With nothing else for it, Goku uses the Basho Fan to blow the monster into pieces!

Free of the Gogyo Five at last, Goku and Chichi traverse the pathway, ever up Mt. Gogyo. An electrical storm begins to form a distance ahead of them, so they pause. Out of that electrical storm emerges a motherfucking dragon.


Before they can decide on a way of getting past the motherfucking dragon (hint: Bukujutsu. Use it.), the Gogyo Five reappear in the air behind them... wielding bows and arrows! Gunned down from behind, our heroes have no choice but to rush forward, toward the m.f.d.! Goku is struck in the leg with an arrow, throwing off his balance. Chichi trips, falling forward into the deadly spikes! But fortunately, she lands on what appears to be a new, safe path out! Huzzah! The Gogyo Five notice Chichi, and so they disappear for good. Peculiarly, Goku's injuries disappear with them. Goku finds this most strange...

Goku opens his third eye.

Utilizing the knowledge he gained under Mr. Popo, Goku senses the true nature of this pathway... It's an illusion! The true path is through the mouth of the motherfucking dragon!! Chichi hangs on tight to Goku, and together they break through the illusion... and land in the true Mt. Gogyo - the Eightfold Furnace just ahead of them!

"Pyre Keeper!!" Goku calls out.
"Who's there?!" Comes a familiar voices.
"Gramps? You couldn't be...!"
"It really is you, Gramps! It's me, Goku!"
"G-Goku?! My, how you've grown!"
"You haven't changed one bit, Gramps!"
"Of course I haven't. I'm dead!"

Goku recalls how this place is connected to the Other World.

"Who's the young lady?" Gohan asks, looking at Chichi.
"My bride!" 
"B-bride?" Gohan is shocked.
"You've met her before, haven't you? She's Chichi, Gyumao's daughter! This is my grandpa!" He introduces them fairly politely (for Goku).
"I'm Son Goku's wife." Chichi smiles at Gohan and bows.
"I'm Son Gohan." 
He chuckles. "What a surprise this is! That you would get married!"

Son Gohan asks about his old friend Gyumao, and that's when Goku gets down to business. Goku asks Gohan to put out the Eightfold Furnace, in order to stop the flames around Mt. Frypan. But it turns out that Gohan isn't the Pyre Keeper! "I simply work here as a part timer..." So Gohan calls his boss, the Pyre Keeper, Annin

Introducing Annin-sama
Pyre Keeper of the Eightfold Furnace.
"Do you really want to make this world a living hell so badly?"

There's a reason they cannot put out the fire of the Eightfold Furnace... but what could it possibly be?!

(If they say it's because of the fucking bees I swear I'll kill myself.)

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