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Dragon Ball Z ep 2 - The Mightiest Warrior in All of History is Goku's Older Brother!

The gang is reuniting at Kame House, and Bulma is the first to arrive, surprising a happy Kuririn, Umigame, and Muten Roshi. Especially Muten Roshi.

"If you'd just let me touch your boobs a bit, I'd--"
"You just don't appreciate my gags, the same as always!"

Elsewhere, Goku and Gohan ride Kinto Un to Kame House.

The gang is almost complete, were it not for the absence of two key players: Lunch and Yamcha. Lunch, it turns out, left Kame House five years ago in search of Tenshinhan. (Poor dear, she's wasting her time.) As for Yamcha...

"By the way, Bulma, what's happening with Yamcha?"
"Yamcha? That idiot? How should I know about him?! I'm so mad at him, I didn't tell him that everyone was getting together here today!"

But before they can catch up further, Goku arrives!

"Huh?" Says Bulma. "What's up with the boy?"
"Have you taken up a job baby-sitting, Goku?" Asks Kuririn.
"He's my boy!" Beams Goku.

"Say hello!" Goku reminds Gohan.
"Good afternoon." Gohan bows politely.

Goku introduces Gohan to them, and Muten Roshi is proud to hear Goku gave him the name of his late grandfather (and Muten Roshi's number 1 pupil). Goku's friends talk to Gohan for a bit, and find out that he's four years old, very polite, and wants to grow up to be a scholar. Then, Bulma notices his tail...

The gang question Goku about the full moon.
But, the Son family goes too bed to early for that.
(Meanwhile, Gohan makes friends with Umigame. :3)

Kuririn asks about Gohan's strength, and while Goku is pretty sure he has a lot of power, Chichi doesn't let Goku train him. Chichi is of the opinion that, now that the world is at peace, they no longer need martial artists. Now is the time for studying, she feels.

(Perhaps she spoke too soon.)

The alien has finally found his target... He lands on the beach around Kame House, making Goku, Kuririn, and Muten Roshi shudder from his raw ki.

"So, we finally meet." Says the alien.
"You've grown, huh? But I still recognize you at first glance, Kakarotto."
"You look just like father."

Goku and the others are utterly confused. Just what is this strange man going on about? Then the alien begins to complain about the condition of the planet - "You were supposed to have been under orders to dispose of humanity!" He shouts.

"Y'know, it won't do well for you to be out drunk this early in the afternoon."

Goku is deeply surprised by the stranger's tail! But when Goku still doesn't understand who he is, the alien becomes frustrated. He asks if Goku has ever taken any strong shocks to the head before, and well... Goku has. Lots. But one time in particular left a scar on his head, when he was a little boy. Muten Roshi cuts in...

"Long ago, your grandfather, Son Gohan, told me something. One day, deep in a valley, he found something unusual, like it had fallen from the sky. When he got closer and looked at it, there was a round Capsule, and inside it was a baby that had a tail."
"He took him home, and tried to raise him... But he had a violent disposition, and never took to him, and he was utterly at his wit's end over him."
"But then, one day, he fell into a ravine by accident... and hit his head hard, nearly dying. However, having an unbelievable life force, the baby apparently survived."
"What's more, afterward, his violent nature disappeared, and he became a good little boy."

That little baby was Son Goku... or as he was once known, Kakarotto!!

"You are not a human from this planet. You were born on Planet Vegeta. You are a proud Saiyan, the mightiest warrior race in the universe! And I am your older brother, Raditz!"

Goku and his friends can hardly believe what they're hearing. Kuririn demands that if Goku is a "Saiyan", what's he doing on Earth? "The answer is simple." Says Raditz.

"Kakarotto, you were sent here to exterminate the bothersome humans that live on this planet!" 
"We Saiyans are a renown warrior race! Our task is to go through space, searching for planets with good environments, and once we've exterminated those who already live there, we sell them for a high price to aliens who are looking for a suitable planet."
"Adult warriors embark directly upon planets where those with a higher Battle Power live. But to planets like this one, which have a lower level, we send babies like you."

Goku and the others are horrified by the story of the Saiyans - thinking Piccolo Daimao looks nice by comparison. But Raditz is annoyed that, given the time Goku has had, the whole planet should be wiped clean by now, especially since this planet has a moon! That's when Raditz realizes that Goku has lost his tail, and berates him for it! After all, a Saiyan is at his best when his tail is exposed to moonlight!!

But Goku doesn't care if Raditz is his brother or not!
"I am Son Goku, and I was raised here! Now get out of here right now!"

Muten Roshi and Kuririn defend Goku, saying whatever his past may be, he is the best Earthling around - he even saved the planet a bunch of times! But Raditz has a reason for coming to find Goku, after all these years...

"We Saiyans have always been a race few in numbers, but now, after colliding with a giant meteor, the planet Vegeta has blown up. Just about all the Saiyans were vaporized into space dust. Our father and mother included!"

Goku is one of four remaining Saiyans. Raditz and another Saiyan were assaulting a planet when the explosion happened, and another Saiyan had luckily been off planet at the time. The three have since found a nice planet they wanted to conquer, but the natives are quite powerful... that's when Raditz remembered his baby brother

But Goku refuses to join him!! 

Raditz grins, remarking how the child - Gohan - has a tail. That must make him his nephew.

Raditz kidnaps Gohan, and tells Goku that if he wishes to see the boy returned alive, he'll do as he tells him; exterminate 100 humans within the next day, and pile their bodies on Kame island. "He is my brother's son. If possible, I don't want to have to kill him." Raditz remarks, as he flies away with young Gohan.

Son Goku!! Can you defeat your brother?!

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