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Dragon Ball Z ep 10 - Don't Cry, Gohan! His First Fight

In the days that followed, Gohan became increasingly brave as his strength grew. He collects food for himself - a variety of fruits, vegetables, and a fish as the main course - without complaint, these days. But he still has a long way to go. Startled by a strike of lightning and a boom of thunder, Gohan takes a tumble from a tall tree. As the lightning strikes again, Gohan takes what remains of his food supply and runs back to a cave he has turned into a shelter.

Having injured himself from the fall, Gohan prepares an herb to medicate the wound. It was something his father, Son Goku, had shown him during more relaxed days.

"Mother!! MOTHER!" Gohan wails.
Goku smiles, "It doesn't hurt, it doesn't hurt. This is what works best!"

It's the bottom of the ninth, Rockets vs Taitans. If the Taitans can load the bases, and get one good hit, they'll take a triple home run for the game. The Rockets cocky and brutal pitcher has no problem walking their hitters - confident that he'll strike them out before the inning is over. But the Taitans' coach has an ace in the hole. Their star hitter. Three home runs in this single game, alone (and the total of the Taitans' points) ...


Puar is proud of his bro, having become the star player for a major league team. Yamcha, however, is unsatisfied, missing the world of martial arts immensely. Puar reminds him that baseball pays their bills. The coach creeps over and tells Yamcha that once the bases are loaded, he'll be sent out to close the game in a final home run. If he does it, he'll get a sizable bonus. Yamcha grins, demanding 2 million zeni, then skips off to prepare for his turn. But as a Rockets' pitcher nails the next Taitan's batter on purpose, a fight breaks out between the two teams!!

Yamcha's first erection in 16 months.

"You mustn't, Yamcha-sama! If you go in there, people are going to get hurt!"
"It'll be okay! I'll go easy on them, okay?"

 But Yamcha's revelry is interrupted by a real martial artists' arrival.

Kuririn takes Yamcha and Puar aside, telling them everything that has happened since Raditz's arrival. Bulma is still quite angry at Yamcha (according to Puar, because Yamcha stood her up on their last date as he didn't have any money), and so Yamcha initially wants to back out of their plan to train for the Saiyans. Then Kuririn tells him they'll be training with Kami-sama.

Yamcha's second erection in 16 months.

The following morning, Gohan wakes up in his cave. But he isn't alone.

Gohan screams and rushes out of his cave, calling for help. But he stops himself. There is no one to help him. Steadying himself, he turns around to face the Apatosaurus as it lumbers out of Gohan's cave. The dinosaur falls, wounded. Gohan realizes the dinosaur doesn't want to eat him at all. Indeed, it doesn't even eat meat! So Gohan searches for the Apatosaurus' wound, a thick tree branch buried deep in it's stomach, and begins to remedy it.

 Gohan pulls the branch out first.
Then he covers the wound with Goku's herbal medicine.
"It doesn't hurt, it doesn't hurt. This is what works best!" Gohan says to the Apatosaurus, as it moans in discomfort.

Gohan leaves to gather food for the both of them.
"Here. This ought to be enough--"
Apatosaurus swallows the food whole.
Then nuzzles a disapproving Gohan.

So Gohan leaves to gather more food.
"I know! Once he's feeling better..."
"Great! That'll be great!"

Feeling much stronger, Gohan decides to test his strength by punching a boulder. Well, all he achieves is a bruised hand. Slightly put out, Gohan walks away. The boulder cracks once he's out of earshot.

As Gohan returns with a large supply of fruit for both himself and Apatosaurus, the Pee-Rex from the other day has returned!! And he has Apatosaurus in mind for dinner...!!

"LET HIM GO!" Gohan cries.

Gohan battles the Pee-Rex for a time, but he simply isn't strong enough or quick enough to match the lizard tyrant's powerful body. In the end he is knocked out... and that night, the Apatosaurus, wounded and defenseless, dies so that Pee-Rex may live.

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