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Dragon Ball Z ep 11 - The Saiyans, Mightiest Warriors in the Universe, Awaken!

 Son Goku struggles his way across Serpentine Road.

 Meanwhile, Gohan is getting quite good at surviving on his own!
Not even the fearsome Pee-Rex is any match for him!!

"Your tail is going to disappear before long."

(I would like to nominate the above scene for the most disturbing and sinister moment in the whole of DB/Z/GT. Gohan, day after day, returns to the same dinosaur and slices off portions of its body, only to consume its flesh in front of the helpless beast. I understand Pee-Rex ate his friend Apatosaurus, but at least P.R. killed him first. The slow, gruesome torture of an animal is some fucking serial killer shit. You ever read the first volume of Sin City? Gohan reminds me of the dude who eats young women piece by piece in front of them and keeps their heads in his basement. Fucking sick and twisted, Gohan. Fucking sick and twisted.)

In the dark recesses of deep space, Saiyan Prince Vegeta is awoken by his space pod's autopilot. He uses his Scouter's communicator to wake up his partner, Saiyan Warrior Nappa, informing him that, while they've not yet arrived at Earth, there's a good planet nearby which might fetch a high price. So the two Saiyans opt to stop off and exterminate the locals.

But the planet they arrive on appears to be nothing but dust and desert. Slightly put out, Vegeta suggests they search the planet anyway.

King Moai, ruler of the planet, has patrollers that are excited to capture the "space men". Nappa can easily eliminate them, but Vegeta tells him to wait - These men can lead them to their King, after all. And Vegeta wishes to meet their King.

Back on Earth, a woman has committed a high risk bank robbery on her own. She gives chase to a fleet of police cars, anxious to capture her for her crimes. But they underestimate Lunch...!!

"Freeze, you bank robber!" Bellows a cop.
"You're under arrest!" Yells another.
"Tsk! What pests!" Lunch mutters.
"This money's a present for Ten-san! You guys stay out of it!"
She chuckles. "Just you wait, Tenshinhan! I'm going to feed you all kinds of nutritious things with this money!"

Meanwhile, at Tenshinhan...

Vegeta and Nappa are taken to prison, where they learn from fellow prisoner Atla that the tyrannical king Moai has stolen his bride Lemuria, and suppresses their people. The Saiyans don't really care, though. They bust out of prison easy enough, then spend the rest of the episode wrecking everyone's shit.

No, really. There's about 7 minutes left of this episode and it's all Vegeta and Nappa wrecking shit.

Royal prison?
 Royal Guards?
 The fearsome Yedi?
 really wrecked.
 King Moai?
 So fucking wrecked.
 Entire planet?
 Wrecked off the god damn star map.

Vegeta and Nappa hope that Earth won't be as disappointing as this planet. But if it is, they can remove it, after gaining the Dragon Balls, as easily as this world. They spend the rest of the episode cackling.

(And yet they're still less fucked up than filler!Gohan.)

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