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Dragon Ball Z ep 12 - Catnap on Serpentine Road -- Goku Takes a Tumble

Only nine months remain until the fearsome Saiyans arrive on Planet Earth. Gohan has become stronger than ever (now P-Rex runs from him), yet he's ready to go back to his mother. Confident in his abilities as he's become, he decides one fine morning as he washes his face that soon, without the consent of Piccolo, he will return to her.

Somewhere in the wilds, Tenshinhan and Chaozu take part in their daily intense training. Ten's goal these days is to stop a waterfall connected to running rapids dead in its tracks, using only his ki. He'd be doing better, were it not for their guest...

She has achieved stalker level.

Lunch has paid a legion of top chiefs to prepare a nutritious lunch for Ten, made from the finest ingredients. She thinks he ought to stop his training and spend more time with her. Like robbing banks together! But Chaozu tells Lunch that Ten won't stop training until he defeats Son Goku. Lunch laughs, saying there's no need to train with the world at peace! Besides, Ten is plenty strong! Tenshinhan doesn't like her saying that, and so he puts his plate down and leaves to resume his training. "He's really got a hard head." She spits. "Ten-san can even break rocks with his head!" Chaozu tells her happily.

So she shoots at him.

(Bitches be jelly of Chaozu and his sexy boyfriend.)

 Tenshinhan wonders where Son Goku is training now...

Running across Serpentine Road, Goku meets an Oni who is in charge of keeping the road clean. Goku tells him that he's going to see Kaio-sama, and the Oni thinks he's pretty brave. After all, Goku is, according to the Oni, only a fourth of the way to Kaio-sama. To put it another way, halfway to the halfway point. Feeling sorry for the worn out Goku, the Oni lets him take a nap on the back of his street sweeper.

Elsewhere, Piccolo trains by lifting pyramids... with his mind.
 But Piccolo lets his ki run far too wild... causing a major shift in the Earth's plate tectonics!! A massive Earthquake results, and Piccolo flies off to make sure he didn't accidentally kill Gohan!
 Even Ten's training ground is effected, shattered Lunch's capsule house.
 Tenshinhan protects Lunch from falling rocks by using his ki to waterbend.
 Thanks to the outburst of power, Bulma's Scouter at last locates Tenshinhan!
Oh, and Gohan is just fine.

So cold from the water, Lunch sneezes and turns back into Sweet Lunch. She's confused, but figures she must have done something bad in her other personality. She packs her things, apologizes to Ten and Chaozu, and says she'll be returning to Kame House. As she leaves, Tenshinhan remarks that they'll finally be able to focus on their training, without Morally Dubious Lunch around. (Also, lots and lots of gay buttsex.)

That's when Lunch finds a pretty flower bed to roll in.
Spoiler alert: She sneezes.

 "STUPID BASTARDS! I'VE BEEN LOOKIN' FOR YOU, Y'KNOW! You're tryin' to get rid of me, but I won't have it!"
They aren't happy to see her back.

Bulma and Kuririn arrive (and get shot at by Lunch) shortly after. They explain the situation to the others; Goku is dead, Saiyans coming in nine months, Goku training in Other World, Piccolo training Gohan, and the rest of them training with Kami-sama. Tenshinhan and Chaozu are excited for the opportunity! Plus, no more Lunch to deal with in the Heavenly Realm.

"Oi, Tenshinhan. If you're trying to run away from me, I'm not about to let you."
 ("I'm gunna touch you while you sleeeeeep.")

 Meanwhile, Goku falls into Hell.
 Yup. Just like that.
 Not knowing he's in Hell, he tries to get something to eat. These strange, delicious-looking golden fruit oughta do!
Except then a large club clobbers him on the skull.


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