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Dragon Ball Z ep 13 - Hands Off! Yama-sama's Secret Fruit

Goku has fallen into Hell, where he tries to eat a fruit from the Enseiju, the Tree of Circular Life. He meets two Ogres who keep him from eating the fruit, Gozu and Mezu, guardians of this district of Hell. It has been 1,500 years since a flesh-and-blood dead person has been in their midst, and they're eager to kill some time messing with Goku...

 Meanwhile, Lunch is trying to figure out the best way to climb Karin Tower.
 Hint: Tenshinhan and Chaozu aren't helping her.
Ten focused in on his goal of surpassing Goku once and for all.
(Bless him.)

Without her beloved Tenshinhan to stalk, Lunch decides to raid the only home in the Land of Karin, for capsules and money.

Bora's home.

When Bora refuses to give Lunch his money, she pulls out a shotgun on him. (Out of nowhere, I might add. Where the fuck does Lunch store her weapons? They seem to come out of thin air and then disappear once she sneezes.) That's when Upa arrives.

 Upa, all grown up.

Lunch fires her shotgun at Upa, who dodges the blast frantically. Then Bora smacks the gun out of her hands, causing it to tumble onto the grass. She makes for it, but Bora's massive arm blocks her way. Her nose is tickled by the arm band Bora wears, and she sneezes back into Sweet Lunch.

Bora and Upa aren't sure what to make of her.

Back in Hell, Gozu and Mezu play Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who gets first dibs to play with Goku. Gozu wins, so he challenges Goku to a contest of strength. If Goku wins, Gozu will help Goku leave Hell and return to Serpentine Road. If Gozu wins, Goku sacrifices his soul and has to stay in Hell forever. Gozu brags that he's the second strongest Oni, after Yama-sama.

 The strength contest? Sumo Wrestling.

Although Gozu is indeed very strong, he's no match for Goku. Goku does some Sumo exercises with his hands, in increasingly rapid succession. His arms move so fast, that he manages to knock Gozu out of his makeshift Sumo ring.

Goku wins.

(Also, by the Bloody Pond, some spirits are chasing each other, yapping like dogs. Thus proving once and for all that not all dogs go to Heaven.)

Keen to keep his word (as Yama-sama will cut out his tongue if he does not), Gozu shows Goku his "jumping device"... which is really just a large teeter totter. Gozu jumps on one end while Goku stands on the other, launching Goku far, far into the sky, back toward the clouds separating Heaven and Hell. But Goku still finds himself short of the clouds...!!

 So Goku uses a Kamehameha to propel himself...!!
And smacks his head on the clouds.

It turns out no one has ever been strong enough to break through the clouds. Goku accuses Gozu of trickery, when Mezu shows up with an alternate solution. He will show Goku another way out of Hell, if Goku manages to catch him. That's right, Mezu wants a foot race. And Mezu claims to be the second fastest Oni, after Yama-sama.

 Though fast, Goku is able to keep up with Mezu.
 (Is it just me, or does DB Hell look incredibly fun?)
 In the end, Goku rushes for the Enseiju fruit, Yama-sama's personal strength restoring fruit - which will sate a person's hunger for weeks and give them extraordinary energy.
 But it was a ruse to get Mezu to drop his guard!
Goku wins.
 In the end, Gozu and Mezu show Goku to the secret Oni-Only exit from Hell. And because Goku gives no fucks, he steals one of Yama's fruit anyway.
 Which is a good thing, as the exit leads to Yama's desk!!
 So Goku has to start Serpentine Road all over again!! Ahhh, nuts.
 Hurry, Goku! The Saiyans are on their way in nine months!!

 Meanwhile, Gohan tortures animals for fun.
You're a creepy fuck, Gohan.

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