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Dragon Ball Z ep 14 - Such Sweet Temptation! The Snake Princess-sama's Hospitality

Son Goku only has nine months left to reach Kaio-sama's place and learn his martial arts until the Saiyans arrive on Earth. Having fallen off Serpentine Road, Goku had to start over from the beginning, retracing steps that took him three months to tread! But thanks to the extraordinary power of Great King Yama's Enseiju fruit, Goku has caught up to and doubled the ground he covered before falling off the road into Hell! Huzzah! (Maybe he should have grabbed more fruit?)

 Elsewhere, Gohan accidentally catches Piccolo during his training.
 In which Piccolo uses his ki to summon a tornado!!
 (I'm not sure how Piccolo's training is useful, but it looks cool.)

Atop of Kami's Temple in the Heavenly Realm, the Z-Senshi Earth's Special Forces a rag tag team of martial artists have gathered to train under Kami-sama and Mr. Popo in preparation for the coming Saiyans. They are Kuririn, Yamcha, Yajirobe, Tenshinhan, and Chaozu.

Back in the Other World, Goku comes upon a large manor house in the middle of Serpentine Road. He wonders if it is Kaio-sama's residence for a moment, when he's sucked inside the house by a giant snake head!! He is promptly greeted by a beautiful woman and her staff.

Goku is surprised! "Kaio-sama is a woman?! You're cute, too!"
Introducing Princess Snake.
Winner of the Other World Beauty Contest.
She has a million lady boners for Goku.

Thinking that Princess Snake is actually Kaio-sama, Goku implores her to teach him martial arts. She just wants to flirt with him, so she requests that they dance instead.

 Thus, they tango.

Goku recalls doing the tango with Chichi at their wedding, but thinks he understands "Kaio-sama's" style now. The dance is to drop the opponents guard, then attack them!

Needless to say, that wasn't the point of tango.

Goku learns that she isn't really Kaio-sama, so decides he'll leave immediately. Of course, having been 500 years since her last manly visitor - Great King Yama, of course - Princess Snake wishes to keep him around. Forever. So she offers him dinner. Having not eaten anything since the Enseiju fruit, Goku happily accepts. And so Princess Snake's wait staff lace his food with a potent sleeping draft.

Goku wipes out the feast by himself, and isn't the least bit sleepy.

Still keen to keep him to herself, Princess Snake has her wait staff draw Goku a refreshing bath. He initially refuses, but they lie to him, saying that Kaio-sama hates filthy people. Goku accepts, and so they give him a bath comprised of the steamed water from Hell - with the aim of relaxing him to sleep.

But when Princess Snake makes to check up on him...
 ...she gets an eyeful of brown eye.
(Momma like.)

With nothing else to keep him there, Goku decides it's time to leave. But Princess Snake is still determined to keep him!

 To distract him, one of her hand maidens challenges him to a game of Russian Roulette.
"That ended all too easily, didn't it? I ain't doing anything that dangerous." Says Goku, after the hand maiden blows her brain out.

As their last ditch effort, they give Goku a glass of juice filled with the rest of their sleeping draft.

And at last, Goku is knocked out.

But first he trips fucking balls.

Princess Snake and her hand maidens hold their Dream Mirror up to Goku, so that they may watch his dreams. In his drug induced coma, he dreams of Chichi and Gohan being attacked by the Saiyans Vegeta and Nappa.

Goku snaps back to consciousness, despite taking enough sleeping medicine to kill a normal man, and makes to leave for Serpentine Road at once. But Princess Snake has changed her mind about him. He's not single, so she doesn't want to keep him any longer. She wants to eat him.

You ready for the twist?
Princess Snake is a giant fucking snake.

She chases him, chomping at him and shooting fire from her gullet. Goku starts to charge a Kamehameha to finish her quickly, but decides against it - she still fed him, after all! So instead, he flies her in loops... tangling her into a knot!!

Hurry, Goku! Your dream may become reality if you don't make it to Kaio's place soon!!

Goku's friends train with Kami for the next nine months.
Will it be enough?!

(I'm sure Yamcha will find a way to fuck it up for everyone.)

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