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Dragon Ball Z ep 15 - Escape From Piccolo! Gohan Summons a Storm

I have something to say before we get started. As you've no doubt guessed, we're knee deep in the post-Raditz, pre-Vegeta filler section of the Saiyan Saga. For better or worse, a lot of American fans of DBZ have a soft spot for these episodes, from the original FUNimation/Saban production of DBZ from 1996. Filler episodes aren't necessarily a bad thing, and I hope if you've been following the blog long enough, you've realized that as I have. It's a dirty word, "filler". There should definitely be a different name for good filler. Episodes like Goku Goes to the Demon World, Time Traveling Goku, Mt Frypan Ablaze! A Deadly Split-Second Decision, and Don't Cry Gohan! His First Fight can hardly be called "filler". They add as much to the overall story as any canon episode.

This episode is not one of those episodes.

This episode is filler in every sense of the word.

This is the worst episode of Dragon Ball Z... EVER!

The amount of story in this episode could be told in under five minutes. There is no reason for it to be 23 minutes long other than to, well, fill time. It's fucking awful. The writers didn't even try to make a coherent story out of it. Let's review.

 Gohan is doing math problems when he decides to finally escape Piccolo's training to return to his mom.
 Piccolo splits into two and fights himself for awhile.
 Goku is still running on Serpentine Road.
 Gohan makes a raft to sail over the desert, but crash lands on a beach.
 A saber-tooth tiger voiced by Daisuke Gori falls over a rock.
I had to rewatch this scene to make sure I wasn't missing something.
But I didn't. That's all that happened.
 Piccolo is still fighting himself.
 Gyumao brings Chichi porridge, but she won't answer her door. 
 The giant area where Gohan and Piccolo are training turns out to be a tiny island. I checked to make sure I hadn't missed something when Gohan crashed, but I didn't. Just so you understand, this episode is trying to tell you that they have been on this island since the end of episode 6
 Oh, and Piccolo is still fighting himself.
 Gohan builds a boat to leave the island.
 Piccolo is still fighting himself.
Gohan gets caught in a storm and the episode ends.

It took the entire episode to say: Gohan is building a boat to escape Piccolo, Piccolo is training, Goku is running, and Chichi is sad.

I fucking hate you, DBZ episode 15.

I'm going to go watch DBKai.

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