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Dragon Ball Z ep 16 - Run, Gohan! Longing for Mt. Paozu, Where Chichi is Waiting

Gohan wakes up in the bed of a cottage belonging to brother and sister, Rom and Chiko. The two orphans welcome Gohan to their town. A town which was swallowed up by a tsunami two years ago, and is now populated by the orphaned children. Before Gohan can explain to them that he isn't an orphan - that he is, in fact, searching for his mother - government workers arrive to take the children to the orphanage.

Chiko and Rom escape into a tree house, but Gohan is cornered by the social workers. Having been told that they would take him away, Gohan leaps high above them, realizing his training for the last few months, and lands in the tree house with ease. To hear Rom describe it, these people wish to take the children to jail... a jail where they are picked on every day, whacked with slippers, and forced to clip their fingernails.

But when the social workers manage to get their hands on one young girl, the leader of the orphans shows himself...

(Played by Takeshi Kusao, who will later join the cast as Trunks.)
Utilizing superior strength and agility, he knocks out the social workers.

Their regular routine to capture the orphans thwarted by Piegero, the social workers leave. As the new kid, Gohan is invited to join their orphaned society.

Gohan has fun playing with them throughout the day, keeping his mother a secret from them. He laughs and jumps and runs with other children, for perhaps the first time in his life (who knows if he ever had playmates before, considering Goku and Chichi's lifestyle). As the afternoon comes around, the kids go into town to procure some food. As children without parents, they don't have money. So Gohan helps them pull off a little scam...

 Gohan pretends to be hurt, distracting shop keepers.
 Rom and the other children swoop in on the unattended shops.
 Then they hope on bicycles and escape the cops!
(Lunch would be proud of Gohan, if she knew him.)

That night, Gohan lies awake in the bed Rom and Chiko have shared with him, taking him in as their little brother.  Ready to see his mother again, he leaves in the dead of night, careful not to wake them...

But Piegero is already awake.

Gohan explains the situation to Piegero, who agrees to take him to Mt. Paozu tomorrow. The rest of the children come out of bed, hearing that their newest member has a mother he's ready to return to. Piegero says that all of them can come along to take Gohan home. They ask Gohan about his mother, and he says she's hard on him and makes him study, but he likes her a lot. The other children happily talk about their own days in school, before the tsunami. Piegero watches in silence, mulling something over...

The next morning, Piegero and the children attempt to hijack the social workers' van to take to Paozu. Unfortunately, the police arrive, ready to back up the social workers. Piegero grabs Gohan by the arm, and leads him to one of the police bikes. They hop on it, and Piegero takes off... 

They leave the other children behind. After arriving at Paozu, Goku shouts at Piegero, asking him why he left the others behind! Furiously, Piegero punches Gohan.

Piegero explains that the others were too young to become delinquents already. He tells Gohan to respect his mother, then leaves. Gohan climbs the mountain back to his mother.

Chichi can sense her son's presence.

But before Gohan returns home, he thinks back on the children he had met, and how they had lost their parents to tragedy. Gohan turns around, tears in his eyes, and walks away from the safety of his home.

"What is your mission?"
"Say it!" Bellows Piccolo, having caught up to Gohan.
"To defeat the Saiyans, and to save the Earth!"

With only six months remaining until the Saiyans arrive, Gohan's real training begins now!

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